(Closed) Funabashi : Additive‐free soft serve at Marufuku Farm (まるふく農場)

Mikan soft ice cream, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi) Chiba
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There is a “farm” near Funabashi station.
It is not a real farm. They are soft serve shop.
The shop’s name is Marufuku Farm.

Signboard, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)


It takes about 5 minutes walk from the Kitaguchi (Northern) gate of JR Funabashi station.

Cute interior

Though it’s inside the house, there are much cows like farm 🙂
They welcomed me !

Cow looks at the window, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

Above the table, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

Interior, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

I like soft serve and eat all year around except mid-summer.
I think it is because I lose my appetite during mid-summer.

Additive-free Soft serves

Simple soft serve

This is normal soft serve. Soft serve in glass (ソフトクリームカップ, 300 yen). It had cheese-like taste. I like the taste so much. It don’t have any eggs in it. Soooo milky taste ! Their soft serve is made of fresh milk mainly and it is additive-free. So, it’s easy to melt. This normal soft serve is available for “To go”. But I never recommend. You’d better eat inside the shop soon.

Soft ice cream, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

Soft serve with Kahlua flavor

Of course, simple soft serve is enough good, but if you are adult, you’ll be interested in this soft serve, too :p
Soft ice cream for adults – Kahlua flavor(大人のソフトクリーム カルーア, 400 yen).
It have kahlua liquior on the soft serve. Delicious. I love their soft serve, I love Kahlua liquor. So, perfect.

Liqour, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

Soft serve with mikan

Soft serve with mikan (みかんソフト, 380 yen). Fresh mikan went with milky soft serve very well.

Mikan soft ice cream, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

Lots of mikan is at the bottom of the glass.

Mikan, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

Soft serve with coffee jelly

It was limited soft serve on the month. Soft serve with coffee jelly (珈琲ジュレソフト, 400 yen). Loose coffee jelly and soft serve. The bitterness of coffee jelly was good.

Coffee jelly, Marufuku Farm (Funabashi)

About Marufuku Farm (まるふく農場)

Address / 7-14-8 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba

Open / 11:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Holiday / Mondays, Tuesdays

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted


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