Makuhari-Hongo : Dandan noodles and tantanmen at Manzan

Tantanmen noodles, Manzan (Makuhari-Hongo) Chiba
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My best Sichuan foods restaurant.

I took my friend to Manzan who like hot foods.

Appearance, Manzan (Makuhari-Hongo)


And I ate tantanmen noodles at the restaurant for the first time.
Tantanmen noodles (担担麺) 950 yen

Tantanmen noodles, Manzan (Makuhari-Hongo)


Speaking of “担担面” in Japan, almost all people remember it.

It have spicy and sesami soup. It is not so hot.
I heard that there isn’t such a foods in China 🙂

So, it is the “担担面” in China.
Dandan noodles (成都担担麺) 950 yen

Dandan noodles, Manzan (Makuhari-Hongo)


We also ate it.
Chinese dumplings (鐘水楼) 300 yenn

Chinese dumplings, Manzan (Makuhari-Hongo)


It had springy texture and tasty as usual.

We found the bus when we reached at the station. Well, Makuhari-Hongo is nearby station of Chiba Marine Stadium !

Lotte Marines bus in front of the station (Makuhari-Hongo)


I’m crazy about Sichuan pepper, and at last I bought it ! I use it whenever I cook mapo tofu, ramen and gyoza.

About Manzan (蔓山)

Address / Mariot Hongo Building 1F, 6-25-4 Makuhari-Hongo, Hanamigawa-ku,
Chiba-shi, Chiba
Station / Makuhari-Hongo station (JR), Keisei Makuhari-Hongo station (Keisei Chiba Line)
Open / 11:30 – 14:00, 18:00 – 22:00
Closed / Tuesdays
Website /



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