Hokuriku & Tokai 2016 (20/29) : Manchinken in Nagoya (萬珍軒 )

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First meal at Nagoya.

We got to Nagoya past 5 p.m.

We heard Meishin highway to Nagoya was closed because of heavy snow, but there was no snow there.
“What does it mean ?”

The true reason was not snow but strong wind. Tree was fallen against the highway because of strong wind and our bus had to run local way on the way.
Information seemed to get complicated because heavy snow fell at many places.

Anyway, I was relieved that we got to Nagoya that didn’t have snow and wasn’t very cold like Takayama :p

After we relaxed in our room for one hour or so and then got out for dinner.
Our acquaintance recommended the Chinese foods restaurant next to Nagoya station.

Manchinken !

Appearance, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Manchinken is located within 5 minutes walk from Kariya station.
Its signboard like full moon is attracting 🙂

There were lots of people waiting there ! Many people around this area come here and have alcoholic drinks after work 🙂
There’s a paper in front of the entrance for waiting. We wrote and wait for a while.

This restaurant is quite large, so though there were lots of people, we could be seated within 15 minutes.
There’s upstairs and we can party there. But it is very popular and it is hard to reserve.

There were several chefs in the kitchen area.

Our acquaintance said that this shop’s tamagotoji ramen (玉子とじラーメン, 700 yen) is good.

Menus, Manchinken, nakamura kuyakusho (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Tamagotoji is a way of cooking. Beaten egg is poured before shutting off the fire. The eggs are cooked by remaining fire.
Normal tamagotoji ramen was mild. The soup had chicken broth and extract of pork bone.

Tamagotoji ramen, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


And tamagotoji tantanmen noodles (玉子とじ担担麺, 850 yen) is more spicy than expected. I like it. The curly noodles dressed with eggs and soup was delicious.
I wanted to drink the soup up 🙂

Tamagotoji tantanmen noodles, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Noodles of Tamagotoji tantanmen noodles, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Smaller size of gyoza (餃子, 400 yen) was good, too 🙂

Gyoza, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Holding Gyoza, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)

mapo eggplant and rice (なす飯, 680 yen), too. Though the menu says “Sichuan-style”. Speaking of Sichuan-style, we think everything is spicy like mapo tofu. But it was mild. By the way, we were two. Ramen, tantanmen noodles and this rice. We ate too much. But he couldn’t give up eating it because Nagoya is far from our city and this was the first time for us to visit Nagoya !

Eggplant and rice, Manchinken, Nakamura Kuyakusho(Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


They serve various Chinese foods, so we have to go there again 🙂

About Manchinken (萬珍軒)

Address / 4-38 Taikoudori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Station / Nakamura Kuyakusho station (subway)
Open / 17:30 – 26:30
Close / Sundays, 3rd Monday of each month
Website / http://www.manchinken.com/index.html(in Japanese only)


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