Motoyawata : Cherry blossoms around Mama river

Cherry blossoms 3, Mama river (Motoyawata) Chiba
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So Beautiful !

I got up at 12 o’clock this morning. (morning? it’s already noon.)
I went to bed at 0:00, so I slept for 12 hours :O

I have a backache 🙁

Probably,I had awaken once at 8 o’clock, but I fell asleep soon.

I’m going to see cherry blossoms tomorrow.
Since I had nothing to do, I wanted to see cherry blossoms today, too.
And cherry blossoms are seen only now.
So, I went to Mama river in Ichikawa city.

Cherry blossoms 2, Mama river (Motoyawata)


I see these cherry blossoms from the window of Keisei train running in cherry blossoms season.
I had thought I’ll go to see there someday for a long time.
I think thsese are three-quarter in bloom ?
Cherry blossoms along Mama river is long long cherry blossoms road.
Maybe, there are cherry blossomes road on end along the river.
These cherry trees are not tall. I felt I’m in a tunnel of cherry blossoms 😀

Cherry blossoms 4, Mama river (Motoyawata)


Cherry blossoms 3, Mama river (Motoyawata)


It’s a regrettable that this river is polluted. There have a bad smell.

Cherry blossoms 1, Mama river (Motoyawata)

Under repair 🙁

Under repair, Mama river (Motoyawata)


I want to seen these flowers for a long time:D

Cherry blossoms 5, Mama river (Motoyawata)


About Mama river (真間川)

Address / 2-1, Kitakata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Ichikawa station (JR)



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