Funabashi : Gorgeous sashimi bowl at Maguro-ichi (まぐろ市)

Sashimi bowl, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi) Chiba
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Notice : They aren’t open during lunchtime now. (Oct 21st, 2017)

Splendid seafood in the daytime.

I had lunch at Maguro-ichi that is my favorite seafood izakaya close to Funabashi Keisei station.

Maguro-Ichi is in the same building as my dentist.
But mostly I rarely feel like eating something just after dental treatment.

I usually go to there by myself. I take lunch just after my dental treatment if I’m OK. If I can’t take lunch just after the dental treatment and still I want to eat at the shop, I take time at Don Quijote and LOFT near the shop and then go back to the building and have lunch 🙂

But I went to there with my friend that day.

Our bowls, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)


I ordered a Sashimi bowl (海鮮丼). Prices got higher 😛 It cost me 1300yen.

Sashimi bowl set, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)


The waiter bring bowls to our table, but we have to get miso soup, pickled vegetables and tuna’s skin dressed with Korean-style sauce at the table.

But it seemed that bowls became more gorgeous !
And my sashimi bowl have squid marinated with soy sauce (called oki-duke) ! It’s my delight ! In addition, greater amberjack, sea bream, octopus, chu-toro and o-toro.

Sashimi bowl, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)


And I also like this tuna’s skin dressed with Korean-style sauce 🙂

Tuna's skin, Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)


Its texture was like gelatin !

This is my friend’s Maguro-Ichi special. Four precious part of tuna bowl (まぐろの希少部位四色丼, 1800 yen).
There’re not many restaurants that serve such a precious food ! Oh my !

Maguro-Ichi special Maguro-ichi (Funabashi)


If you want to eat something fresh seafood at Funabashi, I recommend this Maguro-Ichi, not Funabashi market. Funabashi market is not bad, but Maguro-Ichi serve more tasty seafood than some in Funabashi Market.

About Maguro-ichi (まぐろ市)

Honcho Central Building. B1F, 4-41-19 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Funabashi station (JR), Keisei Funabashi station (Keisei main line)
Open / from 11:30 to 14:00, 17:00 to 23:30
Closed / Sundays


Update History

Feb 16, 2015 New post
Oct 21, 2017 Added notice about suspension of lunchtime


  1. Mike Lutz says:

    I wonder what the four rare parts are?
    Also there is a Don Quijote by my home.

    • Ryoko says:

      Oh, I forgot telling about it.
      I’ll update the article later.

      It had four parts of rare meats of tuna.
      Cheek, around eyes, crown of the head and chin 🙂
      Most restaurants mix those meats altogether as “nakaochi” because these are small.
      So eating these parts separately is valuable experience 🙂

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