Taipei 2016 Spring : Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles (劉山東牛肉麵)

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Hello, Busy city, Taipei !

I went to Taiwan in May.

By vanilla air (Taipei 201605)


Though I went to Kaohsiung, this was the first visit to Taipei.
I found Taipei is big city !

I landed on Taoyuan International airport and went to Taipei station by Kuo-Kuang bus. It is called “1819 bus”.
Though I was anxious about the huge airport, it was easy to find the bus terminal and got bus ticket 🙂 About 80 % of people there were in this line. It cost us 125 TWD between the airport and Taipei station.

To taipei by Kuo Kuang bus, Taipei Taoyuan international airport (Taipei 201605)


It took about 60 minutes and the bus brought us to Taipei station.



At first, I left my baggage in my hotel close to the station.
It was already around 2:30 p.m. I was starving. So, I went to the beef noodles shop close to Taipei station.
It stand along such a narrow alley.

Narrow street, Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles. Though it was too late for lunchtime, it was completely filled with people. I waited for 5 minutes or so. And the lady brought me to the small square table and shared the table with a couple.
Almost all people seemed to be local people.

Appearance, Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


There’s Chinese menu only and I can’t speak Chinese, so I pointed at my target food and ordered.

Menus, Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


This was my first meal at Taipei 🙂
Braised beef noodles (紅焼牛肉麺, 140TWD)

Red beef noodles, Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


It was like udon ! It was quite different from the thing I had imagined ! But it was tasty. The soup had plenty of beef broth. And it had plenty of simmered beef meat !

There’s spicy miso on the table, and ofcourse, I put some onto it after finished eating half of it.

About Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles (劉山東牛肉麵)

Address / 台湾台北開封街一段14巷2號
Station / Taipei station
Open / 8:00 – 20:00
Closed / no scheduled

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