Hong Kong 2016 (9/18) : Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) – Old Yum cha restaurant in Sheung Wan

Steamed chinese dumpling wrapped in a thin flour, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602) HONG KONG
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Hong Kong Old style yum cha !

I got up early on second morning of my trip and went through the still quiet station.

Quiet station, Tsim Sha Tsui station ,Tsim sha tsui (Hongkong 201602)


My destination was Sheung Wan !

For having breakfast.
Speaking of breakfast in Hong Kong, of course, everyone know yum cha ! This was first visit to Hong Kong for me, so, there was no choice but experience local yum cha !

Appearance, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Interior viewed from the entrance, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Lin heung Tea House is open from 6:30 a.m. and I got to there around 7:30 a.m. I got to there earlier because I was anxious that I cannot so much as take the seat.
This restaurant is too popular among tourists and loal people and I heard that we have to play musical chairs during busy hours. And also nothing will be got by just waiting at the seats. We have to go to wagons to get our foods.

I thought I can’t win such a struggle for existence :p

When I got to there around 7:30 a.m., there were still many vacant seats. But half of seats were already occupied.

I know this is one of the oldedst yum cha restaurant in Hong Kong.

The theme of my trip to Hong Kong that time was to experience old Hong Kong. So, I wanted to have yum cha at such a long-established restaurant.
This restaurant was suitable for my theme as expected.

Though I entered the restaurant, no one took to the seat, so I went to the large round-shaped table at the back of the restaurant and made the gesture to the closest man. “Can I be seated here ?” “One ?” “Yes” “OK” (^o^)

At the back of the restaurant,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


The man poured hot water into the bowl and made the gesture again “Wash your dishes”. So, I tried washing my dishes.

Wash my dishes,, Lin heung Te House, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Just after finishing to wash my dishes, older lady came straight to me with wagon 🙂
She had yummy steamed Chinese shrimp dumpling wrapped in a thin flour on the wagons. (this wagon is another one)

Wagon !, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Of course, I had it. My stomach had nothing !
I expressed my will, and she put one on the table and stamped on the sheet.

Steamed chinese dumpling wrapped in a thin flour, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


This was my first yum cha ! Yay !

First yum cha, Lin heung Tea House,Second (Hongkong 201602)


And then I took second dish. It had eggs and was filling …

Menus, Lin heung Tea House,Second (Hongkong 201602)


Last, I took rice noodles roll. Truthfully speaking, I wanted to eat rice noodles roll having shrimps, but it didn’t come. So, I gave up and took rice noodles roll having minced pork :p As you see, too much sauce ! But it wasn’t strong and the amount of the sauce is just for it.

Rice noodles paper, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


From $17 to $45. Tea cost us $12.

Menus, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


My stomach was bursting and I got out of the restaurant.

Their foods were so-so. But I was really enjoyed traditional breakfast of Hong Kong in such a old Hong Kong atmosphere.

Interior, Lin heung Tea House,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


About Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓)

Address / G/F.,Wellington Street,Central (中環威霊頓街160-164号)
Station / Sheung Wan station (MRT)
Open / 6:00 – 23:00 (Yum cha until 17:00)
Closed / during Chinese new year and the next day



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