Got limited alcoholic drinks !

Many alcoholic drinks manufacturer produce seasonal alcoholic drinks that have seasonal fruits.
But those seasonal alcoholic drinks appear on the market only short time.
So, I always can’t buy them.

Those three cans, I wanted to drink, but I couldn’t find anywhere.
I gave up,,, BUT ! I could get those three cans at a deserted-looking liquor store by chance.
Suntory196 degrees Celsius
Limited chuhai - Apple and pear
Left have pear flavor, and right have apple flavor.

Limited chuhai - Apple
To tel the truth, I couldn’t find the difference between the two in taste.
Both of them have apple flavor 🙁 Pear flavor was weak.

Kirin Hyoketsu Litchi 
Limited Hyoketsu - litchi
Well, I failed to get Hyoketsu Kiwi (This summer’s limited Hyoketsu …), So, I was very happy to get it. And it was tasty.
I don’t like regular flavor of Hyoketsu, but I like their limited flavor 😀

All of them have only 4 % alchohol. Like soft drinks.

By the way, whenever drinking alcohol, I need some foods 😀
I like spicy foods all the same.

Chili oil flavor senbei
As you see, so hot !

Ginger and dried bonito. It is popular that it go with rice well, but I like eating it with alcoholic drinks, especially Japanese sake 🙂
Umaidesyoga from Syodoshima Island

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