Amami 2015 (7/9) : Gelato shop “La Fonte”

Scene having gelato, La Fonte (Amami 2015) KAGOSHIMA
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Taste of Tropical island.

After I got to the closest bus stop by hotel’s car, I walked to gelato shop. It takes 10 minutes walk from the bus stop to the shop.

La Fonte

Appearance, La Fonte (Amami 2015)


La Fonte is managed by a farm company. We can eat gelato, sorbet made from passion fruits, mango and tankan mandarin raised by them without chemical things, and mineral salt and brown sugar that is specialty in Amami.

Because it was just after the opening time, there was no one in the shop 🙂 There were about 10 flavors in the shop. Everything looked tasty ! It was hard to decide two from them !

Scene having gelato, La Fonte (Amami 2015)


I chose mineral salt (mashio) and mango. (Two flavors – 400 yen)
The lady put mineral salt on my gelato. She said to me that it make us feel more sweetness. But I couldn’t find it at all because I chose mineral salt gelato :p

Mango and salt, La Fonte (Amami 2015)


About La Fonte (ラフォンテ)

Address / 1325-3 Akaogi, Tatsugo-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima
But stop / Akaogi post office
Open / 11:00 – 17:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 11:00 – 18:00
Closed / Tuesdays
Website / Japanese only)



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