Narashino : Kurpalace Versailles

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Sento in Versailles palace

I visited here around August, 2010.)

After the JGSDF summer festival, I dropped in at.

Kurpalaca Versailles

Appearance, Kurpalace Versailles (Narashino)


The sento stands in residential area, so it is hard to find my way with map.
But I could find the sento with ease because there is any tall buildings, so long smokestack stood out.

It is such a appearance, but it have smokestack firmly.

What’s more old smokestack.

Outer wall is white and pink, bench is pink, too.


Entrance, Kurpalace Versailles (Narashino)


Of cource men’s bath room have the same decorations 🙂 .
Many guests. There are old men, too.
I wonder if what did men of Showa age feel to see the sento for the first time.

I thought it is more cheaply, but interior is better than I expected. It’s cute.
I thought they made the ordinary sento display cheap decorations and paint rashly like love hotels.

At least, I thought so by pictures of magazines.

But here’s some bathtubs are dangerous. Water pressure is very strong.
Be carefully for persons who’s bone crack easily. (Oh me, too :()
Esthe bath and waist shape bath have too much strong pressure. It seems to have an effect on!
I tried to draw nearer. I braced my feet, or I might be blown off.

The bath contain collagen is colored pink, not hot, and smooth and glistening like a lotion.
Bathtab of water bath is pretty like a bathroom in hotels.
There are some televisions here and there.Each televisions are displayed defferent programs.So I was slightly irritating.
And there are some clocks. Each clocks indicaded another time. There were about plus or minus 15 minutes errors. Which clock is right ?

There is a two sauna, high temperature and medium temperature.
If you take the sauna, you need to pay extra charge.
But I think it is enable to recover the cost.
There is a smoking room and rest area, so you can take the bath again after taking a rest.
Many guests seem to spend a long time here.

There are many bathtubs, but I’m afraid that I couldn’t take any bath because of strong water pressure.

But I want to go there when I have a chance.
I’ll go again cherry blossoms festival in next spring.


type of entrance / front-type
onsen / nothing
bathtub / stone bath, esthe bath, sit down bath, hip up bath, waist slim spa, stream of water cascading onto the back, zacuzzi,EMS pulse esthe, etc
sauna / high temperature, medium temperature
address / 4-20-9 Yakuendai Funabashi-city Chiba-ken
closest station / 8 minutes walk from Narashino Station (Shin-Keisei Line)
charge / 430 yen (Sento FIxed Charge in Chiba-ken), front desk
open / from 15:00 to 24:30
holidays / Irregular
locker / free locker (for shoes, for baggage) * exchange shoes locker key for baggage locker key at front desk
hair dryer / available (a charge for 20 yen)
another facility / smoking room
Website /

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