(Closed) Kohaku (自家製麺 琥珀) in Minoridai

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I went to ramen shop named “Kohaku”(琥珀) near Shin-Keisei Minoridai station.
Minoridai is located in Matsudo city in Chiba.
“Kohaku” means amber in English.

As the name implies, the shop serves shio ramen that have amber color soup 😀

It has roasted pork fillets, flavored half half-boiled egg, green onions, mizuna and laver.
Roasted pork fillets were thin, but big and fatty 🙂

Clear soup and straight narrow noodles (homemade) were good 😀

And , I ate gyoza, too.

Bigger gyoza had simple taste, but it was juicy 😀
At first, I ate it without any seasonings, and then I ate with yuzu pepper and sauce.
Each ways of eating were good 😀 But I prefer with yuzu pepper. Because I like pepper 😛

Usually, I don’t like drinking up ramen soups because ramen soups has a lot of salt, so if I drink up ramen soups, I take too much salt and I feel thirsty.
But I didn’t feel this soup too salty, so I drunk up the soup 🙂


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