Sugamo : Koganji Temple

Gosyuin, Koganji temple (Sugamo) Tokyo
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Togenuki Jizo is the most well-known jizo in Tokyo… but.

When I had something to do with at Sugamo, I dropped in at Koganji temple for seeing Togenuki Jizo.
Togenuki Jizo is well-known to people in Japan.

Sugamo is Harajuku for elder people and speaking of Sugamo, everyone remember the Togenuki Jizo.


Togenuki Jizo is hidden at the back of the worship hall and no visitors are permitted to see it.
And I heard that it is so tiny.

And no visitors see it ever.

If I had knew, I didn’t come….

Ok. Anyway, I worshipped and got gosyuin.

Gosyuin, Koganji temple (Sugamo)


Many people waited in the line for wiping the Kannon.
It is said that if you want to cure some parts of your body (or get better body), you’d better wipe Kannon’s particular part. Then you’ll get better.
Someone wipe Kannon’s hand, head, face and so on.
First Kannon was used to be polished with scrubbing brush called tawashi, so that was worn away. Now this kannon is second. Now people wipe it with towel 🙂

I didn’t want to wait for a long time to wipe the Kannon 🙁
Fortunately, I’m in good shape now !

Arai Kannon, Koganji temple (Sugamo)


I was enough satisfied with just worshipping and getting gosyuin 🙂

About Koganji temple (高岩寺)

Address / 3-35-2 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Station / Sugamo station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Closed / no scheduled



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