Yokohama Chinatown : Eating Tour 1 “Kinryo”

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One of the biggest Chinatown in Japan – Yokohama Chinatown

I went to Yokohama Chinatown last public holiday (20th March).

Gate of Yokohama Chinatown (Ishikawacho)


These are the pictures that I took then.

I had been to Yokohama Chinatown only once, on the way to the Yokohama Station from Motomachi.
But I hadn’t examined anything, so I couldn’t decide the restaurant.

This time, I went to there with some persons.
A person who’s an expert at Yokohama Chinatown took us to some good restaurant.
So, I went after him with ease 😀

At first, we entered the shop “Kinryo”. They sell roast pork and we can eat it and another foods on the second floor.

Appearance, Kinryo (Ishikawacho)


Fresh cucumber (生きゅうり). At first I thought it is sour taste, but it is soy source flavor.
Cucumber was broke roughly, so well seasoning.

Fresh cucumber, Kinryo (Ishikawacho)


Shungun(chinese bamboo, メンマ). It’s soft. Good tastes.I like it best at the shop.

Menma, Kinryo (Ishikawacho)


There were two dishes of assorted meats upper right, though hidden by the notice of assorted meats :P.
(I missed to take a picture of assorted meats)

Assorted meat(肉の盛り合わせ) had many kinds of meats( I didn’t remember the names clearly.)
There were some kinds of meats that I had’t ever eaten. I enjoyed it.

Especially, I hadn’t ever eaten 2nd stomach, I had never tried to eat it because of its disgusting appearance.
At first I thought to avoid eating it this time, too. But I tried to eat only a bite of it.
It’s soft. It is no disgusting smell. Good taste :D.
After all ,I ate two slices of it.

On the table, Kinryo (Ishikawacho)


I ate fried green leafy vegetables though I didn’t take the photo. It’s good, too.

Asahi Super Dry(アサヒスーパードライ). The label is only for Chinatown. I didn’t drink it.

Welcoming beer, Kinryo (Ishikawacho)


To be continued in next article 😀

About Kinryo (金陵)

Address / 132 Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Station / Ishikawacho station (JR), Motomachi, Chinatown station (MInatomirai line)
Open / Restaurant 11:40 – 18:30 (Store until 20:30)
Close / Mondays (in case of national holidays it is open and the next day is closed)
Website / Japanese only)


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