Good atmosphere kissaten (Yatsu)

Interior, Keimeisha Yatsu (Yatsu) Chiba
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I prefer kissaten to cafe. Because I feel more comfortable in kissaten. Almost all cafes have bright atmosphere. But kissaten have calm and relaxed atmosphere.

There is a good kissaten in front of Yatsu station. It is a branch of my favorite kissaten. So I tried to go there.

Keimeisha Yatsu branch

There was no guests in the kissaten all the time I was there because it was early in the morning. So quiet.
Interior, Keimeisha Yatsu (Yatsu)

I know Haruki Murakami wrote about the kissaten on his essay.

I wanted to eat cake, but I couldn’t choice one. And I asked the waitress what cake is recommend. She said it is apples and bananas tart or gateaux chocolate.
So I ordered a apples and bananas tart(りんごとバナナのタルト) and Roa blend coffee(ロアブレンド).900 yen in all.
Tart and coffee, Keimeisha Yatsu (Yatsu)

It was a good choice for me ! This tart had sourness of apple and sweetness of banana. Not too sweet and it had refreshing taste.

Receipt. Second helping is 300 yen.
Receipt, Keimeisha Yatsu (Yatsu)

Keimeisha Yatsu Branch (蛍明舎 谷津店)
4-6-34 Yatsu, Narashino-shi, Chiba
Open – from 10:00 to 22:00
Holiday – No holidays
HP –
(in Japanese only)


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