Yushima : Hearty meal course at Kazumiya 2/2

Scallop and shrimp, Kazumiya (Yushima) Tokyo
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Crab, oyster, globefish…so much delicious foods.

This post is a continuition of last post Yushima : Hearty meal course at Kazumiya 1/2

Steamed scallop and shrimp (ほたてとえびの蒸し物)

Scallop and shrimp, Kazumiya (Yushima)


Of course those seafoods were good,  but especially, the turnip was sooo tasty !

Boiled sekogani with salt (セコガニの塩ゆで)
Sekogani is a kind of crab caught around Hokuriku area.

Queen crab, Kazumiya (Yushima)


Half of a crab ! That’s mine !!!

Round clam and tuna with nuta(青柳とまぐろのぬた)

round clam and tuna nuta, Kazumiya (Yushima)


Nuta is sweet miso. Round clam and tuna dressed with nuta.

Grilled oysters with konbu (牡蠣の松前焼き)

Oysters on the konbu, Kazumiya (Yushima)


My delight ! Oysters !  Those were still small, but those oysters had plenty of flavor.

Globe fish karaage (ふぐのからあげ)

globe fish karaage, Kazumiya (Yushima)


Globe fish ! Wooow !
Everybody ate up those bones ! I also ate up !
Those bones weren’t so hard. So I could eat up.
Udon with ducks meat (かもうどん)

Udon with ducks meat, Kazumiya (Yushima)


At last, udon came.
I liked it best in all dishes that I had that day.
Smooth and springy udon, duck’s refined fat, not too thick soup and fresh green onions. That’s parfect !

Mango sorbet (マンゴーシャーベット)

Mango sorbet, Kazumiya (Yushima)


It had much mango flavor and smooth texture, but I wanted to eat something Japanese confectionery there 😛

With green tea.

Green tea after the dinner, Kazumiya (Yushima)


Nice cup 😀

Well, it is very inexpensive all the same !
A woman in a kimono welcomed us and I thought it seems high class restaurant, but actually, it is more casual than I thought. We can use the restaurant as it is izakaya.
If you go to there with jeans, they will welcome you. Maybe…. 😉

About Kazumiya (かず味家)

Address / Imasu sany Bldg 1F, 1-11-9 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Yushima station station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Sundays and third Saturday



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