Tsukiji : Saury, butterfish at Kashigashira (河岸頭)

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Autumn tastes at Kashigashira !

My Saturdays’ standard lunch place, Kashigashira !
But recently I didn’t go there because I have to go to dentist on Saturdays afternoon 🙁
It’s not easy to have reservation at anytime I like. But I expect the treatment will be done in this year. Maybe…. I expect …. X(

Those can drink alcoholic drinks drunk Japanese sake !
The name is “Gin Sui Ka” (吟水花)

Sake named Ginsuika, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)


I didn’t drink because I had to go to dentist after the lunch.

We heard that raw young sardines (生しらす) were in stock. Of course, we ordered it.

Raw young sardines, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)


Eating it without anything, needless to say, was good. More, with soy sauce was awesome !

Assorted sashimi (刺身盛り合わせ)

Assorted sashimi, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)


This octopus was so smooth and soft.
Barracuda, longtooth grouper,,, everything was tasty.

Grilled butterfish with salt (えぼ鯛の塩焼き)

Grilled butterfish, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)


Sudachi was fresh and it went with the butterfish very well. The butterfish was so fatty and tasty. It was smaller, so I could eat it up, from its head to tail.
The head was harder for my teeth that is under dental treatment, though 😛

Grilled saury with salt (さんまの塩焼き)

Grilled saury, Kashigashira (Tsukiji)


It was smaller and less fat than a saury that I ate Yonehana the other day, but the innards were great. I was very surprised at the taste !
But what more surprised me was…. my friends ate their whole saury up,from its head to tail.
I couldn’t eat its head. It was too hard for me to eat. And I left the backbone, too.

About Kashigashira (河岸頭)

Address / Lions Mansion Higashi-Ginza Bldg B1F, 4-12-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 14:00, 18:00 – 23:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays
Website / http://kashigashira.com/(in Japanese only)



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