Kaohsiung 2015 : Link Collection (高雄, 台湾)

I spent time at Kaohsiung for three days in last November.
This was my first visit to Taiwan.

After I got to Kaohsiung International Airport, I went to Formosa Boulevard station (美麗島站) by metro. It took within 20 minutes from the airport.
It was really beautiful station.

Kaohsiung 2015 : From Narita to Kaohsiung international airport (美麗島, 高雄)
Nice to meet you, Taiwan :) Though it was about last year, I went to Taiwan. This was my first trip to Taiwan. I heard Kaohsiung is second largest city in Taiwan and lots of fresh seafood can be eat...

But truthfully speaking, I was very anxious whether I can get to my hotel because I have no sense of direction.

Well, I could get to Jias Inn Liouhe branch (佳適旅舎 六合館) that was my hotel without difficulty thanks to Google map 🙂 Portable Wifi is great !

Kaohsiung 2015 : Jia's Inn Liouhe Branch (佳適旅舎 六合館)
My hotel in Kaohsiung was just close to the night market. I got to Formosa Boulevard station around 4:30 p.m. It was still bright. I dropped in at the street of night market on my way to the h...

I heard that many workers in shops and restaurants understand Japanese language in Taiwan, so I didn’t learn Chinese language at all and also I didn’t bring conversation books.
But in Kaohsiung, Japanese language is rarely spoken and, English is hardly ever.

Unlike from Taipei, visitors to Kaohsiung are mainly from China now.

So, I pointed something out that I want to eat and got at Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市) 🙂

Kaohsiung 2015 : Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市)
Exciting night market ! After it got dark, I went toward Formosa Boulevard station from the hotel. The street was entirely changed to busy street contrary to that in the evening. Liuhe Nig...

Of course, at Xin Long Ju (興隆居), too.
But a older lady who understand Japanese a little kindly told me how to order and searched for vacant seat. It was helpful.
(Second day, I had double breakfast :p)

Kaohsiung : Breakfast at Xin Long Ju (興隆居)
Double breakfast ! To tell the truth, I know nothing about Taiwanese foods before trip to Kaohsiung. I examined in advance on the books and websites and I found Taiwanese breakfast is attracting. ...

I tried to go to ferry terminal for going to Cijin district. But I lost my way and I found Kaohsiung history museum (高雄市立歴史博物館) and Pier-2 Art center (駁二藝術特区) that I saw it at guidebook :p Was I lucky or unlucky ? Yeah, I was lucky, I think.

Kaohsiung 2015 : Love river, museum and Pier-2 center (愛河, 駁二藝術特区, 高雄市立歴史博物館)
All is well that ends well. After finished breakfast, I took a walk toward Love river. I intended to go to Yanchengpu station (塩埕埔) on foot and get on the train to Sizihwan station, and then walk ...

I got to the ferry terminal after all and I also found a Shaved ice shop (渡船頭海之冰) by chance that I also wanted to visit. So, I ate the shaved ice there before getting into the ferry 🙂

Kaohsiung 2015 : Shaved ice at 渡船頭海之冰
Shaved ice having plenty of fruits :) Well, I managed to the ferry terminal, but I didn't get on the ferry and turned back the way I had come. Because I found a shop that attracted me when I s...

Cijin (旗津) is small island. I want to see night view next time. Also I have to go to lighthouse that I couldn’t find at this trip.

Kaohsiung 2015 : To Cijin district (旗津) by ferry
Short trip to Cijin by ship from Kaohsiung ! Well, I went back to the ferry terminal after eating shaved ice and tried to get on the ferry. But before that, there were so many people waiting in line....
Kaohsiung 2015 : Fine view of Cijin (旗津)
It's time for walk in Cijin island. After I saw Tienhou temple, I walked along the main street. There's a beach at the end of the street. But no one swim at there. Japanese music festival w...

After I went back from Cijin by ferry, I ate shave ice at again 🙂
It was not strawberry season, not mango season. I enjoyed strawberry though I missed mango a bit 🙂
There were lots of people at Gao xiong po po shaved ice (高雄婆婆冰)

Kaohsiung 2015 : Shaved ice at Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved ice (高雄婆婆冰)
Shaved ice with strawberry ! After I went back from Cijin, I took a train to Yanchengpu for eating shaved ice again :) This might be the most popular shaved ice shop in Kaohsiung. 高雄婆婆冰 (Gao X...

I visited Ruifeng night market (瑞豊夜市) at second night. Cute Miffy was at Hanshin department.

Kaohsiung 2015 : Hanshin department store and Ruifeng night market (瑞豊夜市)
Packed night market. I got to Kaohsiung arena station (巨蛋帖) around 5 p.m. Of course, Ruifeng night market was open around 6 p.m., so I killed time at Hanshin department store (漢神百貨). I scheduled to...
Kaohsiung 2015 : Foods at Ruifeng night market (瑞豊夜市)
Huge night market embarrassed me. Well, what I ate at Ruifeng night market after all was... Though I wanted to eat yakitori, I decided to eat 海鮮鍋 (Seafood hotpot, 100 TWD) at 池王 that I had...

Third day’s morning.

Kaohsiung 2015 : Walking around the hotel in the morning (茶之魔手)
Last morning. The third day of my trip. Last day. I woke up around 7 a.m. and took breakfast at the second floor of the hotel as previous morning. This cafe had cozy atmosphere. I wanted to have te...

Soup dumpling with mullet roe that I ate at Long pao Tang pao (龍袍湯包) was No.1 food that I ate at this trip !

Kaohsiung 2015 : Long pao dumpling (龍袍湯包)
Best food at this trip ! I'm back from Hong  Kong. I enjoyed a lot in Hong Kong. But it's too short to enjoy to be satisfied. I have to go there again soon ! After I came home, I found my desktop...

Last, I said good-bye to Kaohsiung city from the observatory room of Tunex sky tower (高雄85大樓).



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