Kameido : Light meal at Kameido Horumon

Street, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido) Tokyo
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Fresh offal was in front of me, BUT !

We went to Kameido Horumon that is so famous as Grilled offal restaurant in Kameido.
I had wanted to go there for a long time. But I had never thought Kameido Horumon is such a crumbling building 😛

Street, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


Umm 😛

Appearance, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)

想像よりもだいぶボロい店でした。 ま、どうせ煙で汚れちゃうんだもんね。

Well, stains of the smoke made the building older

Raw omasum or the third stomach (センマイ刺身) 600 yen

Raw omasum or the third stomach, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


So fresh. I love the crunchy texture 😀 We ate it with the sauce made from sesami oil and flavor enhancer.

Assorted inners (ホルモン盛り合わせ) 600 yen

Heart, beef large intestine and special 1st stomach, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


From this side, hearts, large intestine and special 1st stomach.

We grilled our meats on the shichirin 🙂

Grilling, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


Well, When I ate those meats, I found that I got older and it was hard for me to eat such a fatty innerds  with pleasure 🙁
Of course the hearts were good. And I was enjoyed my first slice of  large intestine and special 1st stomach. But my stomach said “NO” when I was going to eat next.

But, we had already ordered another meats.

Raw omasum or the third stomach (てっちゃん) 600 yen

Beef large intestine, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


Uh…. soooo fatty as you see.

Fire, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


We grilled those meat and cut those fat as much as possible.

And last.

Raw omasum or the third stomach (てっぽう) 600 yen

Beef rectum, Kameido-Horumon (Kameido)


Well, my past self must have eaten those meats up with smile, with easily.

I was shocked myself ! ><

About Kameido Horumon (亀戸ホルモン)

Address / 5-4-9 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kameido station (JR)
Open / 18:00 – 23:30
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays / 17:30 – 23:30
Closed / No scheduled



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