Kachidoki : Kachidokiyu

I visited Kachidokiyu after work around December, 2010.)

I heard it took about 10 minutes walk from Kachidoki subway station.
But I took about 15 minutes 🙁

Entrance, Kachidokiyu (Kachidoki)


The entrance, it seems clean dental clinic.
It is underground of an apartment.

I want to live in such a clean apartment that have sento, too 🙂

Several years have passed since it was built , but it was still clean and nice.

Going to underground by stairs or elevator.

Women’s dressing room was clearn, too. Each washstands in the dressing room have a large mirror, but the dressing room itself was small and there weren’t many lockers.
And also the bathroom was small. Small, but clean.

The dressing room is small, so there would be no space left to put my feet if there were five or more people 😛
But the sento have two shower stalls that are hidden by curtains, sauna, some taps, a cold water bath and a plain hot water bath.

There are enough space for bathtubs in the bathroom. Especially, the cold water bubble bath is big for sento. It is at half the size of hot water bath.
I hadn’t taken a cold water bubble bath. Only plain cold water bath. So, it was rare for me.
The temperature of plain hot water bath was about 42 degrees centigrade. It was right for me.

I found a resting room with laundromat between the entrance door and the usher’s desk.
When I entered the sento first, I couldn’t find any drinks machines and refrigerator. I was disappointed just a little.
But some vending machines were there. But there was more laundromat than resting room.
I didn’t feel like resting besides the people using and waiting laundry. So, I got out of the sento soon.

(I wanted to drink a bottle of milk, but there weren’t any.)

About Kachidokiyu (勝どき湯)

Onsen / None
Type of entrance / front-style
Bthtubs / Plain hot water bath (bubbles from under and back), cold water bath (bubbles from under)
Sauna / Nothing
Address / 3-9-7 Kachidoki Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Closest station / about 15 minutes walk from Kachidoki subway station
Charge / 450 yen (Sento FIxed Charge ins Tokyo-to)
Open / 15:30 – 23:30
Holidays / Sundays
Locker / for shoes, for dressing
Dryer / A charge
Another facilities / Nothing


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