Kachidoki : Fish lunch at Taisho (たい将)

Lunch menu, Taisyo (Kachidoki) Tokyo
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Popular lunch spot in the Kachidoki view tower building

Whenever I passed through in front of the shop, I was very interested in the shop, but somehow there was no opportunities to enter in.

Appearance, Taisyo (Kachidoki)


But finally I tried this shop at lunchtime !
This restaurant’s official name is “Sophy” and hostess bar, but another people open this restaurant as “Taisyo” at lunchtime.

Lunch menu.

Lunch menu, Taisyo (Kachidoki)


The menu hasn’t changed for a long time since this shop started their business !

Citrus-grilled sea bass (黒むつの柚香焼き)
Grilled mackerel with salt (さばの塩焼き)
Grilled salmon with salt (鮭の塩焼き)
Grilled arabesque greenling with salt (ほっけの塩焼き)
Crab cream croquette (ズワイガニクリームコロッケ)

Sea bass is popular because it is rather expensive fish 🙂
Every foods cost us 950 yen. It’s more expensive than another restaurants close to Kachidoki station.

So, I ordered Citrus-grilled sea bass, too.

As soon as I finished order, the pickled vegetables and boiled kiriboshi daikon radish was served.

Small dishes, Taisyo (Kachidoki)


After 10 minutes or so, my fish and another foods were served !

Yuko-style grilled sea bass set, Taisyo (Kachidoki)


Miso soup and rice.

Bigger slice of sea bass ! I imagined sea bass have much fat. But its meat wasn’t too fatty and tasted light.

Yuko-style grilled sea bass, Taisyo (Kachidoki)


I was really surprised that I don’t need to go across Kachidoki bridge to eat good grilled fish ! This shop will be in my good lunch lists around my office !

After I got out of the restaurant and saw lunch menu again. I found there is “Small negitoro 100 yen” on the menu. I wanted to eat it 😛 I have to visit again soon !

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About Taisho (たい将)

Address / Kachidoki View Tower 1F, 1-8-1, Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kachidoki station (Toei subway)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays



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