Haircare : John Masters Organic and pig’s hair brush

John Masters Organic BEAUTY
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John Masters Organic that keep getting high reputation

Somehow I always post about foods at this blog, but this is not food blog 🙁
(Eh ? You are surprising ? :P)
So, today, I force to post about shampoo.

Well, recently I changed my shampoo and hair conditioner.

I used Stephen Knoll of Kose for a long time, but I hated my hair because my hair ends dried out.

John Masters Organics

No silicon
No polymer

Yes, many people already knew.It was popular amongst my friends for a while.
Truthfully speaking, I’m not interested in “organic” at all and also I didn’t want to use John Masters before. But it is far better than I thought.

Evening prim rose shampoo
Lavender & avocado intensive conditioner

John Masters Organic


[amazonjs asin=”B0006Q23H6″ locale=”US” title=”John Masters Organics Evening Primrose Shampoo for Dry Hair 8 fl oz / 236 ml”]

[amazonjs asin=”B0015Z5BU8″ locale=”US” title=”John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner 7 fl oz / 207 ml”]

I read some reviews on the internet and many of them said it lathers well, but I never think so.
This shampoo does not lather well and I was anxious about my hair getting damaged by friction.
But I use it for a week and finally, my hair became soft and smooth though my hair became hard at first.

It seems that using much conditioner is good for hair. The conditioner have avocado oil and it make my dull hair glossy.

And after drying my hair, I use this brush for dried hair:)

Kamino-Komachi, Art brush

Pig's hair brush


This make my hair smooth, but this brush is easy to get dirty and it can’t be washed. So, it is very hard to keep it clean.

Rakuten Global market : Hair brush hair Komachi


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