Jagabee : Setouch lemon flavor (じゃがビー 瀬戸内レモン味)

Recently “Setouchi Lemon flavor” is in ! So, I see many products like potato chips, dried squid and so on at supermarkets and convenience stores.
And I found also Jagabee that is my delight have Setouchi lemon flavor at the convenience store. So I tried it. Most supermarkets and convenience stores sell Jagabee and we can buy it easily. The main ingredient is potatoes. It’s like french fry. It isn’t oily like ordinary french fry and it have light taste.

And I also bought steamed potato with butter flavor.
I had only bought simple flavor of Jagabee. This was challenge for me :->
On removing the cover, the smell of potatoes and butter spread.

Jagabee Setouchi lemon flavor ahd happy butter, Calbee


And this is the Setouchi lemon flavor. As its name lemon from Setouchi district is used as seasoning.
Lemon flavor was not standard flavor for snacks ever !

Jagabee Setouchi lemon flavor from the top, Calbee


Jagabee Setouchi lemon flavor, Calbee


Also on removing the cover, sour smell of lemon spread. It was like squeezed fresh lemon juice on it.

It had refreshing sourness.
The black pepper was
good, too.

I want it is seasoned with further stronger taste of lemon.
But this light sourness of lemon might be acceptable by majority.

Containing of Jagabee Setouchi lemon flavor, Calbee


Jagabee is similar to Jagapokkurk that is Hokkaido limited in its tastes and texture.
But Jagabee have expanded to serve entire the country.

Alas ! Setouchi flavor can’t be gotten via mail order. Come to Japan and get it !
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