Kounodai : Soba with duck soup at Isato (SOBA ISBA いさと)

Entrance, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai) Chiba
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Delicious soba can be eaten in the private house.

I have a cold or any allergies. The cause is unclear.
Anyway, my eyes are itchy and I have a sore throat and bad cough.

I have an appointment of having dinner two days after tomorrow ! (>_<)

Today’s post is my lunch I had before becoming ill.

There is a soba restaurant in a quiet residential area far from Ichikawa station.

Soba Isba Isato

Entrance, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


As you see, it’s a private house ! Probably they live on the second floor of the house and run a soba restaurant on the first floor.

They renovated their private house as restaurant. There are only 4 tables in the room and the the chef doesn’t make much soba. So you must reserve in advance.

Interior, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


Menus written in vermilion ink.

Menus, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


There are three valuable sets.
*Soba with simply soup (ざるコース, 1800 yen)
*Soba with simply soup and grated daikon set (おろしコース, 2000 yen)
*Soba with duck soup set (鴨汁コース, 2200 yen)

Last time I ordered a soba with grated daikon set.

To tell the truth, I’m always disappointed with duck soup at any restaurants. So much fat.
But I liked this restaurant’s soba last time, so I ordered a duck soup set expectantly. My friend ordered a “Sanzaru set (参ざるセット)” that have three soups.

At first, Pickled chayote in salted rice bran (Nukaduke, 隼人瓜のぬか漬け) came.

Pickled chayote in salted rice bran, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


Soba-miso (そば味噌)

soba miso, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


Tamagoyaki with ducks meat (玉子焼き)

Tamagoyaki, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


Much ducks meat in it. So juicy 😀

Section of tamagoyaki, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


After long minutes, finally my soba came.
Soba with duck soup (鴨汁そば)

Duck soup and soba, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)
That day’s soba was from Mashu (摩周), Hokkaido.

I was a little anxious, but it was so tasty !!! It was not greasy at all !!! And the green onions were good, too !

Duck soup, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


Last dessert came.
Warabi-mochi-like sobagaki (そばがきのわらび餅風)

warabi-mochi-like sobagaki, Soba Isba Isato (Kounodai)


It gratify my sweets desire and sobagaki desire 😀

About Soba Isba Isato (Soba Isba いさと)

Address / 1-12-9 Kounodai, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Ichikawa station (JR), Kounodai station
Open / from 11:00 until ingredients out (for 20 persons only)
Closed / From Mondays to Wednesdays



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