Eating SOBA at Ichikawa on my Golden week (Kounodai)

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May 5, Children’s day.
I went with my friends, a total of 8 people, to a cozy little restaurant.

It took about 20 minutes by bus from JR Ichikawa Station bus stop. The restaurant name is


It is a private house itself !

This day’s soba came from Togakushi of Nagano.
This day's soba

This hashioki never let chopsticks rolling down 😀

Oroshi-soba course (2000 yen), sobagaki(1000 yen) and jyuwari soba(800 yen).

*Soba miso (そば味噌)
Soba miso

I like such a miso 😀
It seasoned with plenty of ginger.

*Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き)
Baked beaten eggs.

There was a moist feeling and it tasted good. It had some pieces of duck meat in it.

*Sobagaki (そばがき)

It was springy and tasty, so I thought it contained grated yam. But the chef said “No. 100% buckwheat powder !”. Wow !!! I can’t believe !
Only buckwheat powder made such a springy texture. Amazing.

*Nihachi-soba (二八そば)
Twenty percent wheat flour and eighty percent buckwheat flour. With oroshi (grated daikon)


Putting squeezed juice of a lemon into soup. So novel way of eating soba!
And I hadn’t eaten such a fine soba ever.
I couldn’t find the smell of soba at all because of hay fever. How disappointing !

*Jyuwari soba (十割そば)
100% buckwheat flour.
20120509_SOBA ISBA いさと@国府台_十割そば【20120505】

It felt smooth, and sure went down well. It tasted good, too.
Well, I wanted to eat it with hot soup 😛

I can’t tell which was better for me,,,,both were good. But, if I could have second helping of soba, I may have had nihachi-soba.

*Warabi-mochi made from buckwheat powder (黒蜜わらび餅風)
With dark molasses .

The soba restaurant is near Junsai(water shield) pond.
Junsai pond

Tortoises basked in the sun. Were they fun ?
Tortoises basked in the sun.

Basking in the sun.
Basking in the sun

Then we moved to Kameido.

It was a final day of the wisteria festival at Kameidoten-jinja Shrine.
But only this wisteria trellis and another one were in bloom.
Most of wisteria wasn’t in bloom yet.


And I came here again 🙂

*Salted beef tongue(上塩タン) 920 yen
It was thick !
Salted beef tongue

*”Kan”mori (“寛”盛り) 5500 yen
"Kan" mori
Oh, my !!! I don’t remember those parts of name at all. Nevertheless I remember once, I fogot all.


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