The middle-aged men pilgrimage, Ippei (Funabashi)

Grilled hanpen, Ippei Chiba
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I’ve been to cheap izakaya near Funabashi station.


Appearance, Ippei

Speaking of cheap izakaya, it is inexpensive, yummy, unclean, narrow, being full with middle-aged men. No woman can go into there by herself.
But that day, my friend (man) took me to there.
I could count on him entirely.

At first, he ordered this shop’s well-known food.

*Gut stew (牛煮込み) 280 yen

Stew, Ippei

It was boiled to a pulp.It lives up to all the rave reviews it got.
I felt like drinking up the soup!
By the way, my sour was watery. The sour was only 300 yen. It’s inexpensive, so it couldn’t be helped … ?

And sashimi came.

*Vinegared mackerel(シメサバ) and tuna’s head (まぐろのカマ). 450 yen each

Sashimi, Ippei


*Boiled daikon radish with soy sauce (大根煮) 250 yen

Boiled daikon radish, Ippei

The daikon radish colored brown, The soy sauce soup was soak into the daikon radish completely.

*Grilled hanpen (はんぺん焼) 200 yen

Grilled hanpen, Ippei

It is pounded fish cake.Like sponge.

*Grilled squid’s legs (げそ焼) 250 yen

Grilled squid’s legs, Ippei

Ippei serves so many foods.
Almost all foods are cooked simply,cut, boiled or grilled.
But those foods are tasty.

*Tuna’s cheek fry (まぐろほっぺフライ) 300 yen

Tuna's cheek fry, Ippei
Tartar sauce went with the fry well.

Such red lantern is a sign of cheap izakaya 🙂

Lantern, Ippei

I want to go there again soon.

But Won’t be able to enter the house by myself all the same.
It’s a heaven for middle-aged men X-<

一平 (Ippei)
4-42-4 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Open – from 15:00 to 22:30
Saturdays – from 14:00 to 21:30
Holidays – Sundays and national holidays
HP –
(in Japanese Only)


  1. Emperor says:

    The food looked pretty good for an izakaya. By the way, that’s a new word I just learned thanks to you.

    Oh, and were you the only woman in there? Also, how does grilled squid legs taste?…Probably chewy.

    • Ryoko says:

      There’re two women except me.Each of them were with man.At first, I hesitated to enter the house X-<

      Squid's leg is characterized by a firm, almost crunchy texture.It is chewy, as you think.

      • Emperor says:

        Oh, I see. Why is it so bad for a woman to go in there alone? Is it because too many men drink there and could get rowdy?

        And thanks for letting me know how squid legs are. That’s definitely something I will try out the next time I go to Japan.

        • Ryoko says:

          Well, it is still common in Japan that women drink alchohol outside alone, especially such a cheap izakaya.
          Men drinking there rarely do something to women. Most of Japanese men are shy. But they often look curiously at them.
          So women feel incomfortable.

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