In order to avoid heat shock.

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I know the word “Heat shock”. Also called as “Heat attack”.

Too many young people think this word doesn’t matter for themselves. I thought, too.

But I had a sharp pain in the chest in the bathroom before. And my father died suddenly of a heart attack in the bathroom several years before.

Many of my father’s family died young, so I’m ready not to live so long. But I never want to die in the buff in the bathroom !

That is why, I regularly think some ways to avoid heat shock.

When I soak in a bath, I don’t worry about heat shock much.
But when I take a shower only in a bathroom, I’m so careful about that.
At first, I leave the hot water running before I enter in the bathroom in the altogether.
Truthfully speaking, I didn’t do before because wasting 😛
And, I keep the hot water running while I’m in the bathroom.
Well, I also don’t run extractor fan while taking a shower. (I’m worry mold may grow,  though…) Of course, I run extractor fan after I get out of the bathroom. By high-mode 🙂

When I soak in a bath, I never put my body into bathtub quickly.
Slowly, slowly, at first I soak my foot into bathtub and then I sit down fearfully.
And I take time to soak my shoulder in a bath.

Further, I bought a heater for dressing room the other day.
This heater has a sensor to detect people and it runs or stops automatically.

I wonder that there is anything else to avoid heat shock. Umm..


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