Tsudanuma : Ikinari steak is open in Aeon Tsudanuma ! (いきなりステーキ)

Ikinari steak is open in Aeon Tsudanuma branch not so far from my home.
So, I went to there !

Appearance, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)


We order the amount of meat and they cut the meat at the left window, and then we move to right and order another foods or drinks and pay what we order.
They call our number after they prepare our foods. So, we go to the order window and get our foods.
Yes, it’s in the food court.

And basically Ikinari steak is stand-up-eating steak restaurant, but it’s in the food court, we can be seated ! Yay !

Food court, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)


Of course, they prepare table for stand-up-eating, people rarely use it because there are seasonings and dressings on the table counter table.
And people use this table for adding seasonings and dressings onto their foods and then move to table having chairs.

Every shops like Hanamaru udon, Sukiya, Ringer hut except Ikinari steak serve inexpensive foods around 400 yen. But Ikinari steak serve expensive steak as same as another restaurant-style branches from 2000 yen or so.

I ordered 300g of fillet steak (8 yen per 1g)

My night meal, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)


Over 300g steak was overwhelming !

Fillet steak, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)


Such a section of thick rare meat ! I hadn’t thought that such a juicy meat steak can be eaten in Aeon  !

Section of meat, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)


Though prices of steaks are as same as another branches, salad, rice and drinks seemed to be priced low.

Garlic rice

Garlic rice, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)


Salad, Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (Tsudanuma)

Ikinari steak is expanding more and more. So you might find the signboard of Ikinari steak somewhere. If you find the signboard and feel like eating steak, “Now is the best time ! Do Ikinari steak !”

Though I hate their stand-up-eating-style, I can enjoy steak at this food court with easily 🙂

Minami-Gyotoku : Steak at Ikinari Steak (いきなりステーキ)
Ikinari steak is fast steak house and expanding rapidly Now steak chain store of "Ikinari Steak" is expanding. It is stand-up-eating steak shop. Now casual, inexpensive but tasty stand-up-eating shop...

About Ikinari steak Aeon Tsudanuma branch (いきなりステーキ 津田沼イオン店)

Address / 1-23-1, Tsudanuma, Narashino-shi, Chiba
Station / Tsudanuma station (JR), Shin-Tsudanuma station (Shin-Keisei line)
Open / 9:00 – 22:30
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://zopf.jp/


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