Kachidoki : Deep fried oyster at Ikenoya

Appearance1, Ikenoya (Kachidoki) Tokyo
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Long-awaited oyster season has come !

his season has set in.
I have been waiting for this season for about 8 months.

I can eat fried oyster at “Ikenoya” at Kachidoki near Tsukiji Market.

welcome fried oyster
cheers fried oyster
banzai fried oyster

Deep fried oyster set, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)


Very juicy.
Basically, one fried oyster have two oysters.(if small oyster, three oysters in)
Large portions 🙂

In fact, already I ate it three times in this season.

Appearance1, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)


Appearance2, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)


I do come to eat again.

About Ikenoya (池のや)

Address / 3-7-10 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:30
Saturdays / 11:00 – 14:00
Closed / Sundays and national holidays



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