Honolulu 2014 (6/7) : Downtown

Mark, Downtown, Hawaii (Honolulu 2014) HAWAII
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The center of Government in Hawaii

I don’t know well, but is Chinatown is a part of Downtown ?
Or is Chinatown close to Downtown ?

Well, anyway, I went back to Downtown with my full stomach.

The statue of King Kamehameha !

KING Kamehameha, Hawaii (Honolulu 2014)

カメハメハ大王像です( ´д`)

I saw this mark so frequently on articles about Hawaii !

Mark, Downtown, Hawaii (Honolulu 2014)


The state capitol.

The state capitol, Downtown, Hawaii (Honolulu 2014)


I heard that visitors can enter the building, but it looked empty and I couldn’t know where’s the entrance.
Lots of cars were running outside buildings, but, there were only a few groups of tourists around the building.
Every workers work tidily inside buildings 😛

By the way, this building have volcano motifs. Umm. I can’t see so…

The statue of Father Damien.

Father Damien, Downtown, Hawaii (Honolulu)


He is a Belgian priest and acted for saving leprosy patients isolated in Molokaʻi.
Also he died of leprosy.

Iolani palace.

Iolani palace, Downtown, Hawaii (Honolulu 2014)


That’s remains of Kingdom of Hawaii.
I mistook the information about that. That day was Monday and I thought it was closed day. But later I understood Monday is business days !
In adittion to that I had a wrong information, there was no one around the palace !!!
Well, OK. I’ll go there next time, too !

After that I went back to Waikiki 🙂
The last night of my Waikiki stay, so, I walked around the main street and did shopping till past 11 p.m 🙂
Umm ? I can’t remember what I ate at the night. There’s no picture about my meals of the night. I might not eat something….


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