Honolulu 2012 Winter (9/13) : Hanauma Bay

Hanauma bay 6, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter) HAWAII
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The third day. The final day.
I got up early, and I was waiting for at lobby.
After a while, my car came. Then driver took me to Hanauma bay.

About Hanauma bay, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Cold. It was cold. The temperature was far from swimming 🙁
I decided to rend a wet suit,too. 🙁

When I arrived at beach, there were not many people.

Hanauma bay 3, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


But there were a lot of people in front of the entrance, A short time later, many people came to the beach.

By the way, I misunderstood.

I thought this tour is for beginners. (Written so.)
I expected that instructor teach me how to snorkel.

But there wasn’t anyone 🙁

What the diving shop did for me was lending me life jacket, goggle for diving and so on.
And they took me to and from Hanauma Bay.

I can’t swim at all. I can’t float on the water :O

I didn’t know how to get on the instruments 🙁
So, I tried to get on by watching other people.
It took 40 minutes 🙁

I managed to wear everything (maybe…probably…), then I went into the sea.
It was toooooo cold !!

* I was wearing a wet suit.

I couldn’t believe that a lot of people wearing only swimsuit were in the sea.
They looked so cold 🙁
And why wre they at the beach such a cold day ?

Far from seeing fishes and turtles,

I could hardly to go ahead. 🙁

After a while, a blue fish came to me and it went around me twice, then it left. Such a shallow place 🙂

It was much beautiful 😀

The blue fish mede me cheer up, so I tried to dive again.
I wanted to see the blue fish again.

But I felt my legs and arms very ichy, so I saw my body and I found that I have
a rash on my legs and arms 🙁
So, I had to give up diving on the way. I fet really ichy 🙁

The sea were getting rough.:(

I had much time to my car came, so I got dressed, then I went toward a parking lot and I was seeing the sea.

Hanauma bay 2, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Hanauma bay 4, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Hanauma bay 5, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)

Hanauma bay 6, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Just after coming back to japan,
I never snorkel again !
I thought.

But after a while, I get the urge to snorkel again 🙂
After all I’m fascinated by the blue fish 😛

I want to learn to swim,,,,,, no, I don’t set my hope so high 🙁

At least, I have to learn to dive into the water 🙁

There were many colorful chickens 😉

Struggling chickens, Hanauma bay, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Why they were close to me is I was searching my bag for something……
They expected that I took something foods out 😛

After I stopped searching, They left me.
And I began searching again, then they came again 😀

But what I took out was guidebook, not foods 😛
Because I wanted to know how to get on the bus.

I waited for a while, then

It was already 14 p.m.

There was not much time to go to Pearl Harbor.

The buses toward Pearl Harbor run only once or twice in an hour 🙁

Go ? or not ?
I thought , “Though I go there from now, I may unable to enter Arizona Museum 🙁 ”
Anyway, I went out again..


I went toward bus stop first.

I hadn’t small change at that moment 🙁
I had to 3 dollars bill for getting on the bus. I thought I never fail to get
transfer tickect 🙁

Hanauma bay


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