Honolulu 2012 Winter (8/13) : KAPAHULU avenue

Marasada, Lenard's, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter) HAWAII
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Yummy street of Waikiki !

After went back from market, I left things that I bought at market and then I went out again.

My destination was …

Kapafulu street, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


There are much delicious foods along this street.

Lenard’s. This store sells deep fried bread named “Malasada”. Groomy…It isn’t good appearance 🙁
It seems scarcely a store that sells delicious foods 🙁

Apperance, Lenard's,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Painting off, groomy light made the shop’s atmosphere bad, I think 🙁
T-shirts (for sell) was cute

T-shirts, Lenard's,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Doughnuts, Lenards,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


It was very soft and springy. It was very good.
You may better eat it soon just after buy it.

Marasada, Lenard's,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


There were a lot of people, but it didn’t take so much time because most of people got deep fried breads only.

Pink shopping bag, Lenard's,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


There were not many people at the Kapahulu avenue this day, but only this shop had a lot of people, as you see.
(There were many Japanese)

I bought something at SAFEWAY. But there were few my interestings.

Apperance, Safeway,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Ono Seafood

I had wanted to eat poke. It was western Mediterranean appearance.
I ordered tuna poke bowl. It was 7 dollars or 8 dollars with coke.
I can’t understand English, and I don’t listen to others well, so we were just not on the same wavelength 🙁
I had difficulty in order 😛 Sorry.

Apperance, Ono Seafood,  Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


My words within brackets is my voice in my heart at that time 😛

Shopper : How would you like your rice ? (maybe)

Me : Yes, rice please :D. ( I wonder my trolley come soon… )

Shopper : White rice or brown rcie ? (maybe)

Me : Yes, rice 😀 (I hope not crowded )

Shopper: (Opened two rice cookers) Choose brown rice or white rice !

Me : (Well, there are two kinds of rice…. ) OK, Brown rice please 😐

Shopper: Take one drink 🙂 (maybe)

Me. Yes, OK. (I want to pay quickly 🙁 )

Shopper: Drink , drink (maybe)

Me : What ? (D, drink ?)

Shopper : You may take one drink from there !

Me : :O

I managed to buy the bento, then I took a trolley and went back to hotel.

Well, poke was …

Poke bowl, Ono Seafood Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


It seems bad color from this picture (Somehow, taking pictures of foods by my camera whithin doors, these are often yellowish ).
But it wasn’t bad flavor. Tuna was tasty. (But I expected the flavor is more hot.)


I hate the gritty texture of stalks of seaweed in it.

I tried to remove it, but there were a lot of stalks of seaweed, so



“I can’t stand it any more! ”

As you see this picture brown rice wasn’t good. It was hard and dry,

I couldn’t take the picture with good, but this is a picture of night view from my room.

Night view from my hotel Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Like this I spended the whole day. with ease.


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