Honolulu 2012 Winter : I’m going to be in Hawaii today

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I’m exciting now !

I haven’t updated my blog lately, but I’m alive :P.
Now, I’m at lounge in Narita Airport.

But I don’t know whether or not I will return alive.

Why is…

Though I can’t swim at all , but I’m about to try snorkel 😛
Of course, I will wear a life jacket.

But I heard that Hanauma bay have only 35 cm deep.
It’s a piece of cake for me 😀

………….. 🙁

But I’m afraid that the person who cannot swim like me will do damage the coral.
Probably I cannot control my body in the sea.

I had never thought my visitting Hawaii.
Because I hadn’t interested in resort at all.
Why I decided to go to Hawaii is that I want to open an account at Bank Of Hawaii.
And I want to see Kilauea volcano.

…Kilauea volcano is not in Oafu 😛

Arriving at Hawaii, at first I’ll go to Bank of Hawaii. I get 500 dollars by exchange for it.
US dollars is higher than before 🙁 .

Well, I’m going to go to boarding gate.


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