Hong Kong 2016 (1/18) : First visit to Hong Kong ! (香港)

Nathan road, Tsim Sha Tsui (HongKong 201602) HONG KONG
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I never gave up visiting Hong Kong !

I went to Hong Kong in February.

“Welcome” ? You’re welcome 🙂 I was glad to finally land on Hong Kong.

Arrival lobby, Hong Kong International airport (Hongkong 201602)

パクチーエアを使って香港へ行ってきました~( ̄▽ ̄)

This was first visit to Hong Kong. I took Vanilla air that time.
Vanilla air is “香草航空” in Chinese languate. Speaking of “香草” in Japanese, it means coriander, so I call them “Coriander air” in secret :p

I planned to go to Hong Kong from Saturday to Monday at first. But unfortunately my flight to Hong Kong was cancelled. So, I decided to take the flight on the previous night.

I didn’t want to cancel my trip because I already reserved the hotel in Hong Kong and it couldn’t be cancelled.
And more, I couldn’t imagine that I gave up enjoying Yum cha ! I was thinking about Yum cha several days before the notice of cancellation of the flight.

My flight to Hong Kong was scheduled to arrive at 1 a.m.
I stayed at the lounge in the airport until first daytime bus to the city (A21)’s departure time.
I didn’t reserve the hotel for first night because it’s bother to seek hotels that accept check-in around 2 a.m in the dark.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Hong Kong International airport (Hongkong 201602)


It was past 6 a.m, but it was still dark. But there were several people gathering.
I got minimum HKD by the money charger and got on the bus.

Bus to city, Hong Kong International airport (Hongkong 201602)


The bus took me to Nathan road in one hour.

Nathan road, Tsim Sha Tsui (HongKong 201602)


As soon as I got to Nathan road, I went straight to Chungking mansions to get more HKD.
There were still few people and most of shops and restaurants weren’t open. So, I decided to go to Kowloon park and Star of Avenue.

iSquare,Tsim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


Chungking mansions in the daytime.

Cheung king mansions,Tsim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)


I was really worried about double deck buses. Those were bouncing 🙁

Double deck bus,Tsim Sha Tsui (Hongkong 201602)





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