Kakigori with apricot syrup after eating “Funabashi sauce ramen” (Kinshicho)

Kakigori with fresh apricot syrups, Hokusai Sabo (Kinshicho) CITY GUIDE
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After eating Funabashi sauce ramen, we went to Kinshicho to eat kakigori and anmitsu.
The shop’s name is Hokusai Sabo, and it is a kanmidokoro (Kanmidokoro is like a cafe for japanese sweets 🙂 ).

Interior, Hokusai Sabo (Kinshicho)


Many kakigori flavors on the menus. Strawberry, apricot, pine apple, yukou (similar to sudachi, a kind of citrus), azuki, milk, melon,,,,

Summer Menus, Hokusai Sabo (Kinshicho)


Kakigori with fresh apricot syrups (生杏かき氷, 840 yen).
The syrups were thick taste. As you see, it was more sauce than syrups.

Kakigori with fresh apricot syrups, Hokusai Sabo (Kinshicho)


I ever thought kakigori is should be eaten only for hottest period of summer.
But I found it is good for after summer 🙂 Actually, some shop serves kakigori all the time.

Hokusai Summer Anmitsu(北斎夏あんみつ, 900 yen)
Needless to say, sweet foods made me so happy  🙂
Vanilla ice cream, maccha ice cream, melon,whipped cream, shiratama, orange….. everything was good !

Summer Anmitsu, Hokusai Sabo (Kinshicho)


This shop had a good and quiet atmosphere.
So I could forget sauce ramen by its atmosphere and good sweets. 🙂

By the way, it is raining heavily from evening 🙁
I want it will stop raining until I’ll get out for work.

Hokusai sabo (北斎茶房)
Address / 4-8-5 Kamesawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kinshicho station (Tokyo metro, JR)
Open / 11:30 – 22:00
Closed / Tuesdays


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