Hokuriku & Tokai 2016 (1/29) : To Kanazawa (金沢)

Kanazawa station at night, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016) ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)
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Kanazawa without snowfall in January !

I went to Kanazawa in January.
Though Hokuriku Shinkansen opens last year, I thought it is packed and airplane is more inexpensive than shinkansen, so I went to Komatsu airport by air and took bus to Kanazawa station.
I really wanted to use Narita airport because my living town is closer to Narita, but there’s no flight to Komatsu from Narita 🙁
Haneda airport still have patent on domestic flights in Kanto region 🙁

I woke up early in the morning and went to Haneda. Our flight leaving time was 9:30 !

For Komatsu, Haneda airport (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


JAL after years absence !

To Kanazawa by JAL, Haneda airport (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)

ひさびさのJAL! 国際線は羽田と成田で分散しているのに、国内線はいまだ羽田の専売特許・・・( ゚Д゚)

Mt.Fuji !!!!!

Mt.Fuji ! (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


It took one hour or so from Haneda to Komatsu. And we got on a bus to Kanazawa station. About 30 minutes or so.

I heard there are so many tourists, but unexpectedly it was not. Probably because it was after New Year holidays.

Kanazawa station, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


“The best season for visiting Kanazawa is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.”
Well, I want to visit Autumn next time 🙂 (Summer is my off-season :p)

All season is best for visiting Kanazawa station, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Kanazawa station that I took at night. It is still new station.
Though I highly expected to enjoy snow world at Kanazawa. But as you see. There was no snowfall ! It was middle of January ! Here’s Hokuriku region !

Kanazawa station at night, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


At first, we went to our hotel and left our baggage and went to Kenrokuen garden.



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