Shimousa Nakayama : Cherry blossoms in Seicyuzan Hokekyo-ji temple

Five storied pagoda and cherry blossom, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama) Chiba
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Beautiful cherry blossoms festival 2011.

I went to Hokekyo-ji temple for the first time in cherry blossoms season of the year before last.
I found the five-storied pagoda behind cherry blossoms was so beautiful and I wanted to go there again.
The last time I went to there, I didn’t see the temple itself well, because anyway I wanted to see cherry blossoms that time.
I intended going to see in every nook and corner at the temple this time, with goshuincho.
But cherry blossoms attracted me this time, too. It was so beautiful 😀
I like this temple’s cherry festival because the festival don’t have much stalls.
There was a tunnel of cherry blossoms along the approach.

Street, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


5-story pagoda and cherry blossoms.

Five storied pagoda and cherry blossom, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


Five pagoda and cherry blossoms, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


Soshido hall. It is as main hall.

Main worship hall and cherry blossom, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)



Cherry blossom1, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


Bell, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


White colored cherry blossom.

White cherry blossom, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


Cherry blossoms. It is not the halo of Saint Nichiren.

Nichiren Shonin, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


Pink colored cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom2, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


So cute 😀

Pink cherry blossom, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)


This time, I also entered Kishibojindo, back of the ground. And I saw Hokkedo and Shisokumon, too.
The ground is larger than I thought. I couldn’t see everything this time, too.

Of course I got a goshuin. I got it at the main temple office.
I heard that I can get another goshuin at Soshi-do hall afterwards. Well, I do want to get it next time 🙂

Gosyuin, Hokekyo-ji (Shimousa Nakayama)

I want to be such a good handwriting 🙁

About Hokekyo-ji temple (法華経寺)

Address / 2-10-1, Nakayama, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei Nakayama station (Keisei main line)



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