Nippori : Kakigori with fresh berries and peach sauce at Himitsudo (ひみつ堂)

Berry Zanmai over sauce, Himitsudo (Nippori) Tokyo
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Kakigori cafe all year around.

It’s still hot in the daytime.
So, some popular kakigori shops have much people waiting in line even on weekdays.

Here, Himitsu-do, we had to wait for about 40 minutes to take the seats.

Entrance, Himitsudo (Nippori)


On entering the shop, we can see kitchen and counter table on the left.
Handwriting menus are above the kitchen 🙂

Menus, Himitsudo (Nippori)


They serve kakigori with handmade fruits syrups that contain lots of seasonal fruits.Everyone come to here to eat it.
And the ice is natural ice.

They serve kakigori all year around. Well, it’s a cafe devoted to kakigori.
They keep warm temperature within the cafe for eating cold kakigori.

In winter, it is really warm in the cafe. And, they give us disposable heating pads in mid-winter 🙂

Well, now, though it’s nearly end, peaches are in season. So, I couldn’t help eating kakigori with peach syrups all the same.

Himitsu-no-momo (ひみつの桃, 900 yen)

Himitsu-no-momo, Himitsudo (Nippori)


It was more sauce than syrup.
Plenty of sauce was on the shaved ice in advance. And more, additional sauce was served with kakigori.

But I wan’t satisfied with the amount of the sauce. No, the amount is enough. But I took much sauce first and ran out of the sauce in the middle of eating it..

I felt like ordering additional sauce 😛

And Berry Zanmai with milk (ベリー三昧, 800 yen).

Berry Zanmai, Himitsudo (Nippori)


Lots of berries in it.
Berry sauce itself was thick and sour, but sweet milk syrup was over the shaved ice in advance and it made the sauce milder. I love it 🙂

Berry Zanmai over sauce, Himitsudo (Nippori)


Momo means peach in English 🙂

About Himitsu-do (ひみつ堂)

Address / 3-11-18 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Nippori station (JR, Keisei Main line)
Open / 11:00 – 18:00 (In summer until 20:00, and sometimes they change the end-time)
Closed / Mondays, (only in Winter)Tuesdays
Website / Japanese only)
Twitter / @himitsuno132



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Kakigori is one thing I’ve really learned to appreciate, especially when it’s hot outside:) The one with berries looks so tasty:)

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