Kachidoki : Cherry blossoms in Harumi in bloom !

Lots of cherry trees, Harumi Toriton (Kachidoki) Tokyo
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Cherry blossoms are going to be in full bloom in a few days !

Many cherry blossoms are along the street in Harumi Toriton.
These trees are not in bloom same time according to the amount of light.
This is a tree it’ll be in full bloom in a few days.

Cherry blossoms, Harumi Toriton (Kachidoki)


There are cherry trees in full bloom, also after blossom.

It’s a fine view 😀

Lots of cherry trees, Harumi Toriton (Kachidoki)


And, weeping cherry was …

Weeping cherry tree, Harumi Toriton (Kachidoki)


It’ll take a little more time to be in full bloom.
No, more time’ll be taken.
I check the weeping cherry every day :O

Cherry blossoms two days ago was here.



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