Funabashi : Second visits to the Spanish bar

Creme brulee of foie gras, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi) Chiba
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We gathered there again.

We were satisfied with the quality of dishes at  Hachijuro Shoten before, so we went to there with another friend again 😀

Appearance, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)

暗闇に光る八十郎商店・・・(´Д` )

New Spanish bar (Funabashi)
There used to be a dark and gloomy alley in front of Funabashi Station. There also used to be a old izakaya along the al...

Hachijuro shoten standed in the darkness that day, too.

My drink was sparkling mojito (スパークリングモヒート, 580 yen) 😀

Sparkling mojito, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)
It looked good, but it was difficult to drink because those leaves disturbed me 😛

We were four, so we ordered assorted five kinds of antipasto (前菜5種盛り合わせ, 1480 yen). The pork putty was good.

Assorted antipasto, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


Salmon had lemongrass on it.  Those were cut thickly 🙂

Salmon of assorted antipasto, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


That day’s quiche was with mushrooms and salmon ! Creme cheese on it was good. Potato salads was at the back. I think it is 6th antipasto.
Right is taro with aioli.

Mushrooms and bacons quiche of assorted antipasto, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)



Putty, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)

Creme brulee of foie gras (濃厚フォアグラのクレームブリュレ, 580 yen)

Creme brulee of foie gras, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


As its name, it tasted like sweets ! The bread had much grape.

I ordered another drink. Red wine.
Cousino Macul Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile (コウシーニュ カベルネ, 480 yen)

Cousino Macul Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


Wine from Chile is my favorite now.

Gorgonzora and honey coca (ゴルゴンゾーラと蜂蜜のコカ, 580 yen)

Gorgonzora and honey coca, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


Plenty of honeys made it very weet 🙂 I heard it is similar to pizza. But I felt it was quite differ from pizza.

trippa-cooked-in-tomato-japanese-style (トリッパのトマト煮込み 和のスタイルで, 580 yen)

Trippa cooked in tomato Japanese style, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


The beef reticulum was simmered in the pot until it becomes soft .

wagyu-cheek-meat-in-red-wine (和牛ほほ肉の赤ワイン煮込み, 1180 yen)

Wagyu cheek meat in red wine, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


Soooo soft !!! I could cut it by chopsticks easily 😀

Cut with chopsticks, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


I like it best !!!

Sauted anchovy and cabbage (アンチョビとキャベツのソテー, 480 yen)

Sauted anchovy and cabbage, Hachijuro Shoten (Funabashi)


It was plain looking, but I liked it very much. Those cabbage was dressed with anchovy and garlic sauce well.

Spaghetti with Young sardines and potherb Peperoncini (しらすと香味野菜のペペロンパスタ, 780 yen)

Spaghetti with Young sardines and potherb Peperoncini, Hachijuro Shoten (Fuanbashi)


So much young sardines !! It seemed much young sardines than pasta.

About Hachijuro Syoten (八十郎商店)

Address / 5-3-2 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Funabashi station (JR), Keisei-Funabashi station (Keisei main line)
Open / 17:00 – 26:00
Sundays and national holidays / from 17:00 to 23:30
Closed / No scheduled
Website / (in japanese only)



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