New Spanish bar (Funabashi)

Salmon and cream cheese quiche, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi) Chiba
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There used to be a dark and gloomy alley in front of Funabashi Station. There also used to be a old izakaya along the alley, but the izakaya is nowhere and New Spanish bar has opened there without our knowledge.

Hachijuro Syoten
Appearance, Hachijuro-Shoten (Funabashi)

The atmosphere is better than before thanks to the bar 🙂
I had visited there without reservation before, but I couldn’t enter the bar because of full with reservation. So, this time, we reserved in advance and went to there 🙂

First of all, our otoshi was pickled olives. My drink was champagne. I couldn’t take the picture of champagne well 😛 It is very difficult to take the picture of sparkling drinks.

Pickled olive, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)

This was the first time, so we didn’t know those dishes’ volume.
We ordered assorted appetizers, uncured ham and ajillo for the time being. We heard those are standards of Spanish bar.

*Today’s 3 Appetizers (本日の前菜盛り合わせ 3種) 980yen

We ordered “three” appetizers, but as you see, four appetizers on the dish. Ah, the leaf hide one appetizer 😮
3 Appetizers, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)

On this side, marinated breast meat of chicken with sambal, with couscous. Bubble texture of couscous was good. And the sambal sauce was spicy 😀
And right side, summer vegetables ratatouille. Big slices of paprika, zucchini was sweet and juicy.

Salmon and cream cheese quiche. Plenty of cream cheese was on the quiche and it was tasty.
Salmon and cream cheese quiche, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)

Potato salads with gorgonzola. We thought that gorgonzola is mixed in the potato salads uniformly, but there was only a small cut of gorgonzola on the potato salads.
Because the light in the bar was not enough, so my friend that eating it first ate all gorgonzora without he knew. So… then it became ordinary potato salads 😛
Potato salads with gorgonzola, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)

And, Assorted uncured ham (生ハムの盛り合わせ) 1280yen
Assorted uncured ham, Hachijuro-Shoten (Funabashi)
Sooooo luxuary !!!!!! (*^o^*)
Iberico, Iberico chorizo and Jamón serrano !!!   Toooo much tasty !!!! Especially Iberico !!!

And Kujo negi (green onion from Kujo in Kyoto) and shrimp ajillo(海老と京都九条葱のアヒージョ) 580yen
The flavor of garlic was very good.  Also the flavor of Kujo negi, too. I wanted to monopolize it 😛 I love ajillo to drink up the leftover oil !
So, I soaked the bread in the oil to the maximum and ate 😛 Ah, slices of bread is extra charge, 280 yen.
Kujo negi (green onion from Kujo) and shrimp ajillo, Hachijuro syoten (Funabashi)

After I drunk up my champagne, I orderd a white wine. Though I don’t like wine, this wine was tasty because it was mild and no harshness.

*Weemala Riesling (ウィマラー リースリング) 580yen
Weemala Riesling, Hachijuro-Shoten (Funabashi)
From Australia.

While eating, we already decided next dish by the black board:)  Huge sausage !
Blackboard, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)

*Homemade huge sausage (特大ソーセージ) 580yen
Huge sausage, Hachijuro-Shoten (Funabashi)
It was sooooo juicy, Cutting into it with knife, lots of meat juice flew !

And last, Truffle and foie gras risotto (トリュフとフォアグラのリゾット) 1080yen.
Truffle and foie gras risotto, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)
Soooo good flavor and rich taste !!!!
The foire gras was soft and tasty !

The dish were to be last dish for us that day,,, but !

But !

We found a brilliant dish that was served our neighborhood. We was facinated to the dish, and we decided to eat that.

This is the dish.
Today’s fresh fish carpaccio (本日鮮魚のカルパッチョ) 880yen.
Todays fresh fish carpaccio, Hachijuro-Syoten (Funabashi)

From salmon at in a clockwise direction, greater amberjack, mussels, octopus and scallop.
The salmon was great. And also the octopus was ! Those fishes were directly from Tsukiji Market  !

Every dishes were tasty. I can understand why the bar is always full with reservation 😀  I wanna go there again.
I must order the ajillo, uncured ham and risotto without fail.

Hachijuro Syoten (八十郎商店)
5-3-2 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Open – from 17:00 to 26:00
Sundays and national holidays – from 17:00 to 23:30
Holiday – No schedule


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