Goi : Garlic chicken steak at Gusto !

Chicken garlic steak, Gusto Goi branch (Goi) Chiba
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I wonder if for years past since I ate at.

Not such a long absence, may be It is 1 years since.
I had a lunch at Gusto.

There are no GUSTO in my field of activities.
Only when I go back to Ichihara, I go to eat there.

When I go to Gusto, I always order it.
Garlic chicken steak (ガーリックチキンステーキ)

Chicken garlic steak before putting sauce on it, Gusto Goi branch (Goi)


Chicken garlic steak, Gusto Goi branch (Goi)


Excuse me. More sauce, please. Very small in quantity.
Just for meat.
Much sauce before.

How do I eat these tasteless vegetables?

Well, I ate it with salt:(

About GUSTO Goi branch

Address / 5591-1, Koyo, Ichihara-shi, Chiba
Station / Goi station (JR)
Open /24 hours
Closed / no scheduled
Website / http://www.skylark.co.jp/gusto/



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