Higashi-Funabashi : Sashimi, yukhoe, nanban-duke… various sardines dishes at Funakko (ふなっ子)

Sardines sashimi, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi) Chiba
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Sardines’ high season has come !

The best season of sardines has set in, so, we went to Funakko that is a sardines specialty izakaya in Higashi-Funabshi area.
(This photo have lots of flowers in front of the entrance. It was taken when Funakko reopened the shop.)

Appearance, Funakko (Higashi Funabashi)


Though Funakko is very popular, Higashi-Funabashi has nothing except Funakko. So there are vacant seats and if you come to there by one or two persons, you might be seated without reservation.

Table, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


By the way I forgot these foods’ price.
At first, we ordered our drinks. Mine was lemon sour.

Our drinks were served, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Otoshi was served with our drinks.
Marinated sardines and vegetables. It had refreshing tastes.

Marinated sardines and vegetables, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Assorted sashimi.
Spanish mackerel, vinegared mackerel, red sea bream, bonito and sea bass.
Not only sardines but also another seafood is good. No seafood make me disappointed every time.

Assorted sashimi, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Squid. It had sticky tastes. Squid is best all the same !

Squid, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardines sashimi. It wasn’t so fatty, but enough good.
Nanban-duke is marinated deep fried foods in vinegar, green onion and pepper.

Sardines sashimi, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardines namero.
Namero is mixed minced sardines, green onions and miso.

Sardines namero, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sea eel tempura.
We visited there for eating sardines, but somehow I liked this sea eel tempura best.

Sea eel tempura, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardines nanban-duke.
Nanban-duke is marinated deep fried foods in vinegar, green onion and pepper.

Sardines nanban-duke, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Grilled conger eel, grilled eels innards and small fish tempura.

Grilled eels innards and grilled conger eel, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)Assorted sashimi, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardines yukhoe bowl
This was the first time to eat it. We were so impressed by the tastes. I want to eat it every time !
Sardines dressed with sesami oil was so tasty.

Namero bowl, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Funakko is our delight place and we can’t help but visiting there while the best season of sardnes.

About Funakko (ふなっ子)

Address / 1-37-12 Higashi-Funabashi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Higashi-Funabashi station (JR)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Mondays



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