Tsukiji : Deep fried oysters at Fujimura (ふじむら)

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Last deep fried oysters this season at Fujimura. See you next !

I went to Fujimura for lunch in the rain yesterday.

My target was, needless to say, deep fried oysters ! I wanted to eat it at any cost. Rain and cold weather was nothing to me !

I was really impressed by their deep fried oyster !

Tsukiji : Deep fried oysters at Fujimura
 No.1 deep fried oysters ! I knew that Fujimura already started serving deep fried oysters instead of deep fried horse mackerel. But I didn't have the opportunity to have it because this set is prep...
Downstairs to Fujimura, Fujimura (Tsukiji)


As soon as I was seated, I said to the man, “Deep fried oysters !” before he said about the lunch menus and recommendation.
He smiled and said to me,  “Deep fried oysters. Certainly. Deep fried oysters will be finished at the end of this week :)”

Oh my ! I was lucky !

It rained heavily, so there were many vacant seats. So, my Deep fried oysters (カキフライ定食, 1200 yen) were served in just 10 minutes.

Deep fried oysters set, Fujimura (Tsukiji)


Four large deep fried oysters. Of course, one deep fried oyster had one oyster.
I really wanted to take the photo of section of it, but I couldn’t cut it well with the chopsticks.
But the section was really attracting.
This is No.1 deep fried oysters that I have had ever all the same 🙂

Deep fried oysters, Fujimura (Tsukiji)


With tartar sauce, mustard and worcester sauce. Everything was good. I was delight because they always put much tartar sauce enough for us to eat shredded cabbage with it 🙂

About Fujimura (ふじむら)

Address / EURO Bldg B1F, 2-14-12 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 13:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays


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