Tsukiji : Deep fried oysters at Fujimura

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 No.1 deep fried oysters !

I knew that Fujimura already started serving deep fried oysters instead of deep fried horse mackerel. But I didn’t have the opportunity to have it because this set is prepared for 20 person person.
I went to there before around 1:15 p.m., it was already sold out.

Tsukiji : Tempura lunch at Fujimura (ふじむら)
Farthest lunch spot for me.But it is worth for visits. I spent my lunch hour at Fujimura the other dday. My target was deep fried oysters that is served from October. ...But when I got to Fuj...

I have to get out of my office just after 11:30.

So, I managed to take lunch break at 11:30 the other day.
This paper says the set have four big deep fried oysters !

Deep fried oyster on the menu, Tsukiji Fujimura (Tsukiji)


When I got to Fujimura around 11:45, it was almost fully packed and the staffs were so busy.
Fortunately there were few vacant seats along the counter table and I was seated there. Yay !

As soon as I was seated, the waitress explained that day’s recommendation and details of the menus. For example the menus have only the word “boiled fish” and the waitress said the species of fish.
We need always very long time and I always sorry for her because whenever I go to there, I decide my lunch before getting out of the office.

So, after he finished explaining, I ordered Deep fried oysters set (カキフライ, 1080 yen) that she didn’t say.
I should order before sitting down next time 😛

By the way, the waitress always don’t say about deep fried foods. Maybe they don’t want people don’t order deep fried foods as possible because it takes more time.

I had to wait 15 minutes or so. Finally, my longing deep fried oysters by Fujimura appeared !

Deep fried oyster set, Tsukiji Fujimura (Tsukiji)


It was really huge deep fried oysters ! And one deep fried oyster had one oyster ! It was really huge oysters !
When I bit it, plenty of extracts of oysters expended in my mouth !

And I was delighted that there were not only delicious deep fried oyster but also much vegetables on my dish. Shredded cabbage, cucumber, potato salad and tomato.

It was really tasty. I was impressed by the oysters. This is the best deep fried oysters for me 🙂

With mayonnaise, with mustard put on the dish. With worcester sauce, curry salt on the table. Anyway, much deep fried oysters are served and you can enjoy various taste !

Deep fried oyster, Tsukiji Fujimura (Tsukiji)

Namul and boiled foods were served together in the bowl as usual 🙁
Though both were good, I want they put them separately.

Boiled foods, Tsukiji Fujimura (Tsukiji)

If you want to have second helping of rice, you can have it only one time without any charge 🙂

I want to eat it at least three times in this season !
I felt like going there again next day of the day ! (But I didn’t go because I wanted to go another restaurant, too)

About Fujimura (ふじむら)

Address / EURO Bldg B1F, 2-14-12 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 13:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays


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