Tsukiji : Deep fried horse mackerel at Fujimura

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Awesome deep fried horse mackerel with pepper

I visited Fujimura in Tsukiji several times at dinner time.

Tsukiji : Conger pike party at Fujimura
Conger pike season has come ! I participated in conger eel dinner at Fujimura that was reserved by my acquaintance, as same as this season of last year. Fujimura is very close to Tsukiji metro...
But it’s too far for my lunch during work. But finally, I went to there at lunchtime !
Of course, it took more 60 minutes… 😛

Stairs, Fujimura (Tsukiji)


But I wanted to eat deep fried horse mackerel at Fujimura !
They serve deep fried horse mackerel for 20 persons only in a day. So, I hurried to the restaurant !

Lunch menus in front of the entrance, Fujimura (Tsukiji)


This blog

And also this one showed splendid photo of the deep fried horse mackerel off !

I heard that Fujimura have lots of people waiting along the stairs at lunchtime, but when I got to there around 11:45, there were many vacant seats.
Maybe the weather was quite unsettled that day. Though it was drizzling, but threatening sky made us feel anxious.

Of course, I ordered deep fried horse mackerel (アジフライ, 1080 yen)

I sat down on the chair along the counter table facing staffs in the kitchen,but no one showed no reaction.
Well, no one remember me 😛

After 10 minutes or so, my lunch set was served.
Such three large pieces of deep fried horse mackerel was on my dish ! It’s only 1080 yen ? Are you OK ?

Deep fried horse mackerel set, Fujimura (Tsukiji)

As you see, Fujimura’s deep fried horse mackerel have plenty of black pepper on it.
The black things are not sesami ! Black pepper !

Deep fried horse mackerel, Fujimura (Tsukiji)

The coating was crisp and the inside was thick horse mackerel meat. Eating,
eating, eating, but large horse mackerel was still on my dish 🙂 I felt really happy and enjoyed various of taste with some seasonings on the table like worcestershere sauce, mustard , tartar sauce and so on.
The coating was tasty.

And the lunch set had boiled vegetables with kimchi sauce, miso soup and pickled vegetables.
We can have second helping of rice without additional money.

Boiled vegetables, Fujimura (Tsukiji)

Leftover meat of tuna sashimi next to me looked delicious, too. I have to visit there again when my supervisor take a day off 😛
Deep fried horse mackerel and leftover meat of tuna sashimi is limited foods, so, you’d better go there as soon as the restaurant is open.
Ah, but this deep fried horse mackerel will be out of the menus soon. Instead of that, deep fried oysters will appear 🙂 I want to eat it, too !
And karaage, grilled fish…. They have many foods attracting me !

Fortunately, the weather held until I was back to my office.

About Fujimura (ふじむら)

Address / EURO Bldg B1F, 2-14-12 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 13:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays


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