Tateishi tour at night (2/2) : Edokko (江戸っ子)

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Keisei-Tateishi have many motsuyaki izakaya ! Here, too !

After we got out of Uchida, needless to say, we went to Ransyu that is great Chinese foods shop serving delicious gyoza.


Close !, Ransyu (Keisei Tateishi)

うちだを出た後は、もちろん、水餃子が絶品な蘭州へ。。。ってやってないし!Σ(゚Д゚) め、めまいが・・・

Oh, my !
It was closed because they took long summer holidays !

We were so disappointed and went to Torifusa , but it was also full.

Our last hope was large Edokko.
When we arrived at the shop, there were about five people waiting in line. But Eddokko can accommodate about 50 people, so we thought we can enter the shop soon.
After 10 minutes or so, we could enter the shop 🙂

Appearance, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)


My drink was the center of it. Denki Buran (電気ブラン, 350 yen). I had wanted to try it for a long time !

Denki buran, oolong tea and something sour, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)


We ordered Nikomi (煮込み, 360 yen) anyway there, too.

Nikomi, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)


Yes, this is izakaya specializing motsuyaki as same as Uchida.
But they don’t have much rules, there are menus on the wall and much seats. So, Tateishi beginner can enjoy motsuyaki comfortably.
This nikomi had light taste and it was good for us after Uchida. Plenty of green onions were good, too.
And also adding much shichimi pepper went with the nikomi very much.

Superior Guts sashimi (上白刺し, 400 yen) If you hear “sashimi”, you remember raw foods. But many shops named boiled foods “sashimi”, especially for innards meat.
This also had plenty of grated ginger and green onions.

Guts sashimi, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)


Last, we ordered kushiyaki. At also this Edokko, there’re many ways of cooking kushiyaki and we can order it.
Seasoning of kushiyaki can be chosen from salted, sauced and spicy flavor.
Maybe spicy flavor can be chosen with some of part of meats only.

Sauced head (カシラたれ, 360 yen)

Head tare, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)

Salted Tongue (タン塩, 360 yen)

Tongue salted, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)

Spicy rectum (テッポウ辛, 360 yen)

Rectum Kara, Edokko (Keisei-Tateishi)


It was spicy and delicious. But to my sorrow, it was too big for my mouth… I with they cut it into half…

This town is scheduled to be redeveloped in the near future.
So, we don’t know until when we can enjoy this view and inexpensive delicious foods.

Narrow alley, Keisei-Tateishi shopping street (Keisei-Tateishi)


We said good-bye to the town and hurried to our home.

Gate, Keisei-Tateishi shopping street (Keisei-Tateishi)


Umm. I’ll come back again ! Ransyu !!!

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About Edokko (江戸っ子)

Address / 7-1-9 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Station / Keisei-Tateishi station (Keisei main line)
Open / 16:30 – 21:00
Closed / Sundays


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