Edogawa ward Fireworks display 2013 (Shinozaki)

Edogawa ward fireworks display1 2013 FESTIVALS/EVETNS
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Some fireworks displays were held around Tokyo and Chiba last weekend.
I also had a good time at fireworks display.

I got off at Shinozaki subway station to see Edogawa ward fireworks display that is one of the most popular fireworks display in Tokyo.

Before the fireworks display started.
Before Edogawa ward fireworks display 2013
After a while, It was spotting with rain.
Much fireworks displays were out because of heavy rainfalls this year.So I was very nervous.
But fortunately the weather held 🙂

This was the first time to take pictures of fireworks. It is so difficult !
Almost all pictures that I took there look like spirit photographs 😛

Edogawa ward fireworks display1 2013

Edogawa ward fireworks display2 2013

I don’t often go to see fireworks display, but I had fun. I want to go to see fireworks next year, too 🙂


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    It looks beautiful! Japanese fireworks are really amazing!

    • Emperor says:

      Is there really a difference between fireworks displayed in Japan and fireworks in other countries? It looks the same to me.

      But yeah, I agree that it looks spectacular! I bet it looked even better in real life.

      • Ryoko says:

        I think fireworks in Japan is not much differ from fireworks in another countries.
        But in Japan almost all fireworks displays are held on the empty lots.
        So, fireworks look more beautiful in the dark.
        I have a image that fireworks displays in another countries are held in the bright city.

    • Ryoko says:

      Thanks. I do want to sea fireworks display (^^) It was really good.

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