Funabashi : Red Sea bream ramen at Ebi-soba Maruha (海老そば まるは)

Ramen with creamy red sea bream soup, Ebisoba maruha Chiba
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 100% Red sea bream ramen.

I visited Ebi soba Maruha again 🙂

Appearance, Ebi soba Maruha (Funabashi)

「海老そば まるは」にまた行ってきました。

This shop’s name have “Ebi soba” and it means shrimp ramen. And I ate it last time.

But There’s various foods ! I ate rea sea bream ramen this time.

Ticket vending machine, Ebi soba Maruha (Funabashi)


From this photo, you think I ate both ramen and rice, but I didn’t eat both. The rice was my friend’s. I tasted it just a little 😛
Creamy red sea bream ramen (濃厚真鯛白湯2nd, 800 yen) and red sea bream porridge (真鯛雑炊丼, 200 yen)

Ramen and red sea bream rice, Ebisoba maruha


Creamy red sea bream soup was, as you see, it was so fatty. But I wasn’t boring because of the fresh taste of green vegetables and onions 🙂
Most of ramen have roasted pork. But this ramen have smoked red sea bream 🙂
Read sea bream is from Uwajima of Ehime prefecture.

Ramen with creamy red sea bream soup, Ebisoba maruha


This noodle went with thick soup well. But the strong smell of shrimp in the shop while eating made me feel like eating shrimp ramen all the same…

Noodles of Ramen with creamy red sea bream soup, Ebisoba maruha


Red sea bream porridge. Porridge ? Yes. Eater complete porridge by adding leftover ramen soup to it 🙂
I tasted it just a little. It was good.

Red sea bream rice, Ebisoba maruha


About Ebi-Soba Maruha (海老そば まるは)

Address / 1-10-7 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Funabashi station (JR), Keisei Funabashi station (Keisei main line)
Open / 11:00 – 24:00
Closed / No cheduled



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