Kachidoki : Tuna steak bowl at Dourakutei

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My best lunch spot in Kachidoki area.

I went to Dourakutei the other day.

Appearance, Dourakutei (Kachidoki)


Sometimes a cute black cat walk around the shop, but she wasn’t there this day.

This is a so small shop. There are only 14 seats.
I like this shop very much though the shop isn’t well-known.

My favorite food at lunchtime there is grilled tuna and tuna sashimi set.

It is a so small house. Its shop space is on the ground floor.
The 2nd floor is for living, maybe. It is family-run.

This time, I ordered a tuna steak bowl (まぐろステーキ丼, 900yen).
I hadn’t ever eaten it here. Red thing is a cherry tomato 🙂

Tuna steak bowl, Dourakutei (Kachidoki)


It was tooooo good 🙂
Tuna was soft. Its sauce had a thick taste, but daikon sprouts kept mouth fresh.

Menus. This shop always serves the same foods 😛

Menus, Dourakutei (Kachidoki)

メニューはいつ見ても同じ(;´Д`) これだけが残念。もちょっと季節感のあるものも食べたいのです。

I want to feel the changing seasons by menus 🙁
It is only my dissatisfaction at the shop.

I want to eat oyster and saury at this time of the year 🙂

About Oshokuji-dokoro Dourakutei (お食事処 道楽庭)

Address / 4-12-4 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kachidoki station (Toei subway)
Open / 11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:00
Closed / Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays

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