Asakusabashi : Delicious meats at Gracia (食堂酒場 グラシア)

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I met top quality meats again at Gracia !

I was really enjoyed great meats at Dining bar Gracia in Asakusabashi last time and couldn’t forget the delicious foods, so I went to there again.


We were four and secured a table.
Asakusabashi : Various meat at Dining bar Gracia (食堂酒場 グラシア)
Beef, pork, chicken … meat party can be held at cozy dining bar ! I know there's popular restaurant in Asakusabashi that is posted by my acquaintance on Facebook so requently and I had wanted to go t...

I happened to meet someone who attended the dinner last time and I was very surprised. He said that he came there for eating Hayashi rice by himself.
Umm. Not only me but also some friends love the restaurant, too.

We orderd chef’s choice course that time, too.
“Chef’s choice” is not on the menu, but they accept the order around 5000 yen.

At first, we toasted with white wine !

White wine, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Assorted Satsuma Jidori chicken sashimi (鹿児島直送さつま地鶏刺身盛り合わせ)

Assorted Satsuma-Jidori chicken sashimi, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Sous vide of Sendai beef marbled short rib (仙台牛の霜降りカルビの低温ロースト)

Sous vide of Sendai beef marbled short rib, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Steamed and boiled shank (すね肉の蒸し煮)

Steamed and boiled shank, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)

Liver steak (レバテキ)

Liver steak, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Maybe the liver was served as raw before …. Delicious.

Fummus (フムス)
The chef serves light foods for refreshing at the perfect time.

Hummus, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Root of beef tongue with sald (タンもと塩)

Root of beef tongue with salt, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Tonteki (トンテキ)

Pork steak, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Tonteki is pork steak. It is specialty of Gracia !

Sauted Shinsyu shimeji, hiratake and maitake with garlic butter (信州しめじ、ひら茸、舞茸のガーリックバター)

Sauted Shinsyu shimeji, hiratake and maitake with garlic butter, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Mushrooms I usually see in  supermarkets are grown inside factories and small, so those wild mushrooms attracted me.

Pickled daikon radish with mustard (大根の辛し漬け)

Pickled daikon radish with mustard, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


I ate it last time, too and I was so glad that I could eat it again ! It is simple, but delicious !

Potato au gratin with wagyu beef(和牛のポテトグラタン)

Potato au gratin with wagyu beef, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Spare rib (スペアリブ)

Spare rib, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)

Hayashi rice with A5 rank of Sendai beef (仙台牛A5ハヤシライス)

Hayashi rice with Sendai beef A5 rank, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


It was for four people, so it was big like mountain 😛
Hayashi rice isn’t served every time.

Cold ramen (かけラーメン)

Cold ramen, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


I hadn’t eaten such a delicious ramen ! I want to eat it every day ! Why isn’t it on a regular menus ? Why isn’t this restaurant a ramen shop !?

Dessert after the meal. As same as last time.
Honey croissant with Shinsyu apple and vanilla ice cream (信州りんごとバニラアイスのハニークロワッサン)

Honey croissant with Shinsyu apple and vanilla ice cream, Dining bar Gracia (Asakusabashi)


They serve only one dessert and there aren’t much foods on the menus. But everything on the menu is their best recommendation.
So you’d better leave everything to the chef 🙂

Now they serve biryani trained from a Bangladeshi curry restaurant that is named “Asia curry house” close to Kinshicho station.
Asia curry house don’t use very good meat, so if you want to eat high quality biryani, I recommend you visit Gracia now.
(Gracia don’t prepare such menus everyday. Also Hayashi rice isn’t served now)
*I said now Asia curry house don’t use high quality meat. But Asia curry house serve local Bangladeshi foods as it is in a local atmosphere and it is precious thing. So, I like the restaurant, too 🙂

About Dining Bar Gracia (食堂酒場グラシア)

Address / 2-27-5 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Asakusabashi station (JR, Toei subway)
Open / 16:00 – 23:00
Closed / Mondays, third Tuesdays
Twitter / @gracia_2011


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